What’s in a Name?

Throughout my life, the reaction to my middle name has been vastly different than the non-existent reaction to my common first name and my easy-to-pronounce last name.

“Teal? As in the color?” people always ask to follow up.

“Yes, but I promise my parents aren’t hippies—it’s my grandma’s maiden name,” I always clarify.

My middle name wasn’t always a source of pride—it’s hard to accept originality as a middle schooler. But I have come to love my middle name because it is both a splash of uniqueness sandwiched in the middle of my traditional name and something that reminds me of where I come from. It’s bold, yet understated. It’s on-trend, yet classic. And above all, it suits me perfectly.

Everything I love about my middle name is exactly what I hope to be true for this blog, which is why I wouldn’t name it anything else than A Touch of Teal. It is here I will share things that inspire me, experiences that expand my life, and above all, things that suit me perfectly.

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