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A Great Bottomless Brunch in Silver Spring

I wanted to pop in today with a bonus Tuesday post to tell you about the fun brunch I went to on Sunday at Urban Butcher in Silver Spring, Maryland with Bitches Who Brunch.

As I’ve mentioned, I want to be better about sharing my life in DC with you, and hope these shorter posts, often with iPhone photography, give you a better window into my life in the Nation’s Capital and provide ideas for fun things to do and delicious places to eat while I’m working on more comprehensive Arlington, Old Town Alexandria, and Washington, DC travel guides.

You may remember that I mentioned one of my other goals for this year is to say yes to more networking events and opportunities in DC that come to me via this blog. So when I was invited to go to Urban Butcher to try out their three-course carnivore’s brunch, it was a no-brainer—I said yes!

From Arlington, Silver Spring is quite a hike—but I am happy to report the food was worth the distance! I drove, and it took me about thirty minutes to get there. (There’s free parking available on weekends in a garage right behind the restaurant.) If you don’t have a car or really want to enjoy a Sunday Funday, Urban Butcher is close to the Silver Spring Metro station.

I won’t lie—I was a little nervous heading to this brunch because I didn’t know anyone going into it. But, what I’ve learned at events like this is that most people are in the same boat and since you already have something in common—the food!—it’s easy to chat and get to know the people seated around you. Plus, it turns out that my friend Libby was there, so those nerves were for naught!

We were treated to their newly-launched Carnivore’s Brunch. It’s a three-course bottomless food and drink brunch that begins with cocktails, and continues with decadent all-you-can-eat carved meats, plus eggs, salad, empanadas, charcuterie, French toast, and finishes with Chef’s incredible, house-made Nutella doughnuts. In short, it was amazing, and since it’s bottomless, it’s easy to share all the food family style. Definitely make sure you get the empanadas, they were my favorite!

I do have to report that I cheated on Dry January—le sigh. I gave myself a pass since this was a networking event and I wanted a mimosa to calm some of the jitters! They make a good mimosa—heavy on the champagne, light on the OJ. I also had a sip of their lavender margarita, and as someone at our table said, they tasted like aromatherapy/heaven in a glass.

So, if you’re looking for a new brunch spot in the area, grab a reservation on Open Table and head to Urban Butcher. Let me know if you go!


Thanks again to Urban Butcher and Bitches Who Brunch for inviting me! 

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  1. I’d be so nervous to go to an event where I didn’t know anyone, but you’re right if everyone is in the same boat it wouldn’t be that bad.
    I’m curious about the lavender margarita!

    Published 1.24.18
    • Katie wrote:

      The lavender marg was great — you should definitely get one when you can!

      Published 1.27.18