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The Five Best Things I Bought in 2020

Is it just me, or does 2020 already feel like it was five years ago? I saw a meme on Twitter the other day that said 2021 is just the sequel to 2020—I really related to that! I hope you’re all finding ways to take care of yourself during these cold, dark winter days. I’ve never consciously been excited for Spring Forward—but y’all, I definitely am this year. More sunlight in a day? SIGN ME UP!

I was brainstorming post ideas over my “adult winter break” and really wanted to share some of my best buys of 2020. (I shared my best buy of 2018 here2017 here, 2016 here, and, if I had written a similar post in 2015, it’d be about this. I accidentally let this series lag in 2019!) I love hearing about what others bought for this stay-at-home lifestyle we’ve all found ourselves in, and it’s something my coworkers and I are constantly chatting about on our “water cooler” Slack channel.

This year, I had a really hard time picking one item to crown as my best buy of 2020, so I decided to share my top five instead. One thing I do want to caveat is that none of the things below are necessary at all—I am not sharing any of these products to pressure you into buying them. I just wanted to share in case they’re helpful and you’re in the market for something similar. I know so many people are suffering in all sorts of ways, including financially, and I hope we’re all on the other side of this soon.


AirPods were my first “quarantine purchase”—my old headphones were on the fritz and since I was spending so much time on FaceTime and walking around my neighborhood, I decided to see what the hype was all about. I love them and the flexibility they provide since they’re cordless. There one of those things you don’t understand until you get them yourself—I thought they were so unnecessary before, but now I am sold.


I love Soludos—they make such cute shoes that take no time to be broken in. I purchased these Bondi Leopard Sneakers back in September and have worn them almost every day since. They are just perfect for my work-from-home lifestyle and are so comfortable that I always reach for them when I am headed out for a long walk. They’re half off right now and available in almost every size!


When winter turned to spring during quarantine last year, I realized I had nowhere to put my keys on my long walk since I didn’t have coat pockets anymore. So I purchased a key ring that I could wear on my wrist—it was such a game changer. I bought one off Amazon to start, but it fell apart pretty quickly. I then upgraded to this one and love it—it’s so well made and really cute. It’s also really easy to find in my bag if I’m not wearing it on my wrist!


My mom bought me these thermal pajamas leggings from Old Navy (in the color snow leopard) on Black Friday and I am obsessed. They are so comfortable to sleep or lounge in, and I think the pattern is just adorable. I also have in green tartan, but I find myself reaching for the snow leopard ones more. I would size up from your regular size, my mom, sisters, and I have found these run pretty small—and no one wants uncomfortable pjs!


LOL—never in a million years did I think I’d be writing about a WaterPik on my blog, but here we are. My dentist recommended one to me this year and I kind of brushed it off, thinking back to the one my parents had that was huge, took up so much counter space, and had to be plugged into the wall. Turns out the WaterPik market has really had some technological advancements since the 90s, hah! I found this battery-operated, portable one and love it. If you hate flossing, I can’t recommend it enough—it does all the work for you and cleans hard-to-get places. (FYI—WaterPik is a brand of oral irrigators, this one is not a WaterPik, but that’s what I call it so we’re rolling with it.)


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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    You’re the 2nd person this week who’s talking about the water pick and now I feel like I definitely need to get one. I generally hate flossing because I always manage to cut myself with the floss and my dentist casually mentioned the water version 2 years ago but I ignored him.

    Maybe 2021 is the year to get one. I also have my eyes on the AirPods pro. Looking to pick up the pro over the standard because of the soft tips.

    xo Stephanie

    Published 1.14.21
  2. I have been eyeing those pjs for the longest time, and now I really regret not scooping them up! The pattern is so cute, and they look incredibly cozy!

    Published 1.16.21
  3. Rachel wrote:

    I’m usually the first to adopt a new tech gadget but held out for so long on the AirPods. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made too – I use them almost every day and don’t have to worry about the tangled mess of old school headphones!

    Published 1.20.21