The Drink You Need to Make for NYE: Raspberry Mint Champagne Cocktails

It’s hard to believe we are just a few short weeks away from 2020—this year has absolutely flown by! Since I graduated college, my New Year’s Eve plans have varied. I’ve done everything from taking a trip with friends to going to one of those big open bar parties to having a nice dinner and lowkey night at home. The one thing that has remained the same about my NYE, no matter where I’m at, is that I love indulging in a champagne toast.

To celebrate 2020, I am planning to put a festive twist on the timeless classic and make Raspberry Mint Champagne Cocktails to celebrate the new year with. I wanted to go ahead and share the recipe today in case you’re in the process of planning your NYE festivities like I am!

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know I’m not a huge cook—so it should come as no surprise that I don’t really enjoy making my own simple syrup for cocktails either. That’s where Master of Mixes comes in! They have a line of great cocktail essentials that make it easy for me to mix up a delicious cocktail from scratch. And, it just so happens, the Master of Mixes Mint Syrup is the perfect mint-flavored simple syrup for this cocktail—and for everything from mint juleps to mojitos. Made from fresh muddled Pacific Northwest spearmint, the flavor is unbeatable and ensures you can mix up a great craft cocktail at home—even if you’re not a pro bartender.

Here’s what you’ll need to make these delicious raspberry mint champagne cocktails:

To mix these up, fill your champagne flute up with 4 ounces of chilled champagne, or about three-fourths of the way full. Pour in 1 ounce of Master of Mixes Mint Syrup and ½ ounce fresh lime juice, and stir gently. Once settled, place 1 raspberry rock candy lollipop in the flute. Garnish with fresh mint and raspberries if desired.

Cheers to 2020!

Thank you to Master of Mixes for sponsoring this post. As always, opinions are my own. For more great cocktail recipe ideas, head to Mixology Pro.

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