Link Love #140

Hi, all! Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a nice week. I love summertime weather, so I have been in Heaven the past few weeks and have been spending as much time outdoors on patios. This week was probably the week I’ve had the most social plans since March, dining out at patios three times this week! I totally understand everyone has different comfort levels with going out and about right now, but I’ve been really impressed with everywhere I’ve been: the tables are far apart, there’s hand sanitizer everywhere, and most restaurants have some sort of QR-code ordering or payment system to reduce interaction between guests and their hardworking staff. If you’re looking for a great patio hang in DC, this week I went to Barcelona, Dacha, and Screwtop, and they all did a great job. (I am usually a Barcelona hater—it’s always so crowded and disorganized, but my experience there was one of the best yet in Covid-19 times, so I would highly recommend!)

This weekend, I am really looking forward to laying low. I’m behind on reading for the month, so would love to spend an afternoon reading, and also have a few appointments at my apartment gym, which has been such a nice treat since it opened up by appointment only earlier this month.

I hope you have a great weekend! x
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7.13.20 2

5 Good Things About 2020 (So Far!)

Hi, guys! I hope everyone is having a nice summer! I’ve been a little behind on the blog because I’ve been focused on enjoying the gorgeous weather and have also been binge watching so much TV, which isn’t usually my pastime of choice, but hey, that’s 2020 for you. (In case you’re in need of TV recs, I have especially been loving The Babysitters Club and Selling Sunset on Netflix.) To top it off, I’ve had a lot on my plate work-wise, and now that there is less of a physical barrier between work life and home life, I haven’t found it as relaxing at night to sit with my computer on my couch, since that is what I do all day now, hah!

Anyway, last week, Grace Atwood—who one of my favorite bloggers to follow—posted an Instagram that highlighted five good things about her 2020 so far—and I just loved having the opportunity to reframe a shit year and think about it more positively. Since I saw her post, I’ve been thinking about the good in my year, and that’s usually when I know I’m onto a good topic to write about here. While I’ve talked about some of the good in my year disparately across several blogposts and over on my Instagram, I thought it’d be nice to put all my thoughts in one place today.

Like many people have said, I think everything that has happened this year was the universe’s way of forcing me to slow down and pare down. While I look forward to the day the pandemic is in the rearview mirror, there are definitely things I’ve learned about myself and habits I’ve formed over the past four months I want to take with me into whatever the new normal happens to be. (And given I won’t be back in an office this year—I still think that destination is pretty far up the road.)

Anyway—I’ll cut to the chase because I want to get back to watching The Babysitters Club (seriously watch it!), but here are five good things about my 2020 so far. I’d love to hear something good about your year! x

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On My Nightstand: June 2020

Hey y’all, happy Thursday! I can’t believe it’s already July; in many ways time feels like it has been dragging this year, but in some ways, it feels like it’s flying. June was a really fulfilling reading month for me as I enjoyed every book I picked up, and since we spent a week at the beach, I was able to read many books in one or two sittings. There’s not much that beats quality reading time on the beach!

As is custom on these posts, I wanted to call out that I’m part of a program where Random House will send me some of their new titles each month. I’m under no obligation to post about any titles I receive, so I really can tell you my own opinion (good or bad!) about them. I’ve starred the books Random House sent me for free below. I’m so lucky to be sent books and that’s not lost on me!

You can always follow along with what I am reading in real-time over on Goodreads—feel free to friend me there!

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