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My Latest Obsession: Jordan Connelly Art

Third time’s the charm, as they say — and that certainly holds true for the art over my couch! If you’ve been following along for a while, you know I’ve been switching out the art in this space over the past couple of years.

I started out with a beautiful watercolor with Sailboats; I did really like this piece, but because it was framed, at certain angles, it was all glare. In addition, the quality was very cheap — the mat and the paper had started to warp, and while no one else probably would notice, it was bothering me. Then, last winter, I tracked down a navy and white loops canvas print from TJ Maxx. I loved it in theory, but in reality, it just felt so dark and heavy. I didn’t love it in the space, and eventually took it down in favor of a blank wall.

While hunting over the last year for the perfect piece to hang above my couch, I discovered Jordan Connelly and her beautiful artwork. After browsing her website, I knew right away that one of her paintings of the Lowcountry would be an amazing fit for this space. For one, the colors she frequently uses — soft blues, greens, and pinks — fit the aesthetic of my home so well. And for another, I love the Carolinas and spending time by the water, so the themes of many of her work celebrate one of my favorite places to be.

As soon as I discovered the print of her work entitled Sea Pool On Sullivan’s 2, I knew I had found the perfect piece of art for this space above my couch.
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Life Lately

Happy spring! Here in the DC area, this winter was extremely mild – we only got a couple of flurries and it has been unseasonably warm. Of course, today it’s rather chilly, but I have my eye on some 70-degree temperatures coming up at the end of the week. March, like always for me, has flown by. I feel like things usually start off on the slower side — both at work and socially — in January and February, and then we really get into gear this time of year. There have been lots of fun things happening in my life, and lots of fun things on the calendar to look forward to in the coming months.

Of particular note on the fun front, my sisters and I started the month down in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. We were there for five days and four nights and stayed at an adults-only, all-inclusive resort. It was heaven. I will definitely be sharing a full recap here on the blog — we stayed at Sanctuary Cap Cana and cannot recommend it enough. Unlike many trips I take where I feel like I come home needing a vacation from my vacation, on this trip, I actually felt like I could relax and recharge. We flew home late Sunday night and I took the following Monday off work, which I think really helped, too. I had a day to get my life in order before sorting out my email inbox.

And then, this past weekend was also really fun — on Saturday, my cousin Kara Marie hosted a bridal shower for her future sister-in-law Katherine. Hosted in Historic Clifton, it was such a fun brunch and the mimosas were certainly flowing. After the formal event, a group of us decamped to Paradise Springs Winery to keep the party going and we had such a nice afternoon sitting out on their back deck enjoying the warmer weather and the sunshine. I am really grateful that I have such a loving, fun family who I truly enjoy spending time with. We laughed a lot!
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A Girls’ Weekend at The Greenbrier

Over MLK Day weekend, my sisters and I headed to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia to check into America’s Resort, The Greenbrier! Jennifer and I were lucky enough to visit The Greenbrier five years ago when I was invited on a media trip and we have been wanting to get back ever since. It was an easy sell to convince Lindsey to come with us this time, and visiting this amazing place with my sisters made for the perfect girls’ weekend.

While summer is definitely the resort’s high season given their golf course and outdoor pool, I personally think it is an amazing spot to visit during the winter months — there’s so much to enjoy inside The Greenbrier that you never have to go outside! Located about three and a half hours from the DC area, it’s the perfect spot for a weekend trip. We checked in for two nights and felt it was the perfect amount of time — we were able to thoroughly enjoy the resort before heading home refreshed from a break from daily life. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever been before given the Dorothy-Draper-designed interiors — every room is seemingly more beautiful than the last! In addition, the hospitality is excellent and the food + drink are also great.

I definitely don’t want to wait another five years to get back to The Greenbrier — and if you haven’t been, definitely make sure it’s on your bucket list!
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