Dinner Club: Seven Reasons

I am back with another with another installment in my Dinner Club series! As I’ve mentioned here before, this online series was inspired by my real life dinner club where me and my friends, Julie and Taylor, try new-to-us restaurants once a month on a Friday night. We usually pick splurge places, and it’s a night I look forward to all month. We take turn picking the restaurant, and for October, Julie picked Seven Reasons, which we were all thrilled about since Tom Sietsema from The Washington Post named it as the number one restaurant in his fall dining guide.

Located on 14th Street NW just below where it insects with Florida Avenue, Chef Enrique Limardo creates Latin-inspired dishes that are super unique and offer all sorts of unexpected flavor and texture pairings. If you’re looking for familiar food, this is definitely not your place—but if you’re willing to eat adventurously, I think you’ll really love it. I would definitely recommend grabbing a reservation before heading in. We went at 8:30pm on a Friday night and it was packed—even the bar was at capacity. The atmosphere of the restaurant was great—diners were sat across three levels, and they had Spanish music playing all night.

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10.26.19 1

The Slides I Bought Off Instagram + A Sundry of Thoughts On Life

Happy Saturday, squad. Sliding into the weekend with a rare blog post as I’m a little backlogged on finding the time to turn all my ideas for this blog into actual posts. The one question I’ve gotten most lately from people is, “where’s your next trip?!” and I am happy to report, that other than a work trip or two to NYC before the end of the year, I will be here, at home, in the city that’s currently hosting the World Series (!). I love being on the road and traveling, but I also love being home during this half of the year. Even though I am not partial to the colder weather, I love how life slows down a little bit—especially in January, February, and March. I have less social plans and more time to cuddle up on the couch and read or watch predictable movies. And after this year—with over a month of it spent in a hotel and adjusting to a new job—I’m ready for a little recharge and routine at home.

When I shot this outfit a few months ago, it was much more seasonably appropriate and J Crew was still selling the top, but like I said—I’ve got a little bit of a backlog. But I still wanted to post these photos because I’ve been obsessed with these leopard slides I bought after seeing them on an Instagram ad. This is definitely one of those sites that ships directly from China where returns would be nearly impossible, so my advice is to not buy in excess and pick your gambles wisely. While these aren’t the best quality slides in the world, they’re on par with other $40 shoes, and took no time at all to break in. I am a true size 7 in shoes and bought these in a 37—they fit great. So, if you’re willing to take a little risk like I was, I think it’ll pay off big time. These have quickly become my go-to shoes during this transitional weather. They’re easy to walk in (I walk about a mile or so in them to and from work!) and go with just about everything in my closet.
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What I (Actually) Wear to Work

Hello! Coming at you while I am watching the Meghan & Harry documentary they shot while in Africa. (It’s on YouTube if you want to watch!) I’ve been kind of meh on Meghan lately, but the work this documentary does to highlight their work in Africa and the shots from their visit to South Africa, Angola, and Malawi are absolutely stunning. I was especially touched by the landmine survivor who met Prince Harry over two decades after his mother visited the same non-profit—she even has a daughter named Diana now. I know Diana would be proud of the legacy the Sussex squad is carrying on now.

It’s been a hot second—slash, basically a year!—since I did a wear to work post, but I wanted to bring this series back since I know it’s popular among the many working gals that read here. My new office (can I still call it that even though I’ve already worked there for 10 months?!) is a very casual work environment—pretty much everything except sweats fly!—but I still enjoy getting dressed up for work, so I’ve only recently allowed myself to wear black jeans to the office. (At my old job, that was only allowed on Fridays!) I also haven’t invested in a ton of new work clothes this year—but that’s a big priority for me in the coming months as many of my favorite work clothes are now three or four years old—which is great in many regards, but I’d love some new pieces to throw in the mix to keep it interesting and also invest in some pieces that reflect me at 28/29 vs. me at 25/26.

SO, If you have any favorite workwear brands or must-have pieces, definitely send them my way!
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