Life Lately

Hi y’all! It has been a hot minute since I did a life lately post—almost a year, in fact. These have always been a good way to update you with the happenings in my life, and I will try to bring them back on a more regular cadence. Today’s life lately post is a little round-up of some recent trips I’ve been on over the last few months that I didn’t write full-length posts on for one reason or another.

When we started the year, I don’t think I realized how busy the first half of the year would be for me. Starting in April, I had a whirlwind travel schedule—from Charlottesville, to Puerto Rico, to Chicago, to Austin, to Scottsdale, to Ocean City, to Wilmington, and most recently, to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. I had so much fun, don’t get me wrong, but it was quite exhausting at times, and my wallet was definitely feeling it, too. I’m excited that the second half of my year will be a lot lighter on travel, leaving more time, and money, in my life for things here at home.

In terms of work, while things are still busy, they have calmed down from the end of last year, which has also freed up more of my mental space for other things—it’s been really nice. We are still working from home, but are planning to return to the office three days a week after Labor Day. It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years now since the pandemic began and we were sent home “for a couple of weeks.” Much like it was an adjustment to start working from home, I am sure it will be an adjustment to going back to the office. For one, I am going to need to refresh my work wardrobe—over the past couple of years, I’ve mostly invested in athleisure or clothes I can wear on the weekends or on vacation. For another, I’m sure the earlier wake up call won’t be easy. But, I do think it will be nice to see coworkers in person more often and feel like I am more out and about in the world.

But enough chit chat—here’s a look at my life lately:

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DC Dinner Club: Spring 2022

Hi, friends! I am back with another installment of my quarterly series where I round up the restaurants I’ve enjoyed in the DC area. Recently, I’ve been able to help several people who are planning trips to DC plan their culinary itineraries and nothing makes me happier—if you’re looking for a DC restaurant recommendation, don’t hesitate to email me or DM me on Instagram!

Over the last three months, I’ve been out of town almost every weekend—so my roundup of restaurants isn’t as robust as it normally is given I’ve been enjoying restaurants on the road. I keep a running list of DC area restaurants I want to try on my phone though, and since I am in town pretty much all summer, I’m excited to continue exploring this town’s amazing food scene.

But, for now, here’s the latest installment of dinner club!
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6.21.22 2

72 Hours in Ocean City, Maryland

For the past couple of years, my sisters and I have tried to go on a trip just the three of us, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite annual traditions. In 2019, we went to Quebec City, in 2020, we spent a week at Ocean Isle Beach (with our cousins — which was so fun!), and last year, we went to Asheville, North Carolina. When we started thinking about where we wanted to go this year, we looked at a lot of options, and ultimately decided that a vacation a little closer to home sounded perfect, especially given we wanted to go over MDW weekend when prices are higher. Back in 2016, our family spent a long weekend in Ocean City, Maryland and we had the best time—it’s a trip that still comes up often. So once that was tossed out as an option on the sister group chat, we knew we had a winning location.

We drove up Friday afternoon so we arrived to town by happy hour—it poured most of the drive and we hit a ton of holiday weekend traffic, but it was well worth it for the fun weekend we had. And, we really lucked out with the weather as once we got through the rainy drive, it was sunny all weekend. Because we all had Monday off work, we were able to get in two full days by the beach + pool, and then made the drive back home on Monday—and luckily we hit a lot less traffic than on the drive up!

I wanted to recap our trip and share our OCMD recommendations — I can’t wait to get back!

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