An All-Black Outfit + Festive Earrings for the Holidays

About five years ago, my computer crashed one day and I lost most of my photos from 2014. As a self-appointed historian among my friends and family, I was very ~dramatic~ about this technology fail. So, I moved all my photos off my actual computer hard drive and onto a Dropbox Pro account. It’s worth the $99/year for the peace of mind, and for double peace of mind, I back my Dropbox up on an external hard drive. My computer is also six years old now, but still holds battery for a long time and runs quickly—and I  believe that’s because I store basically nothing on the actual hard drive anymore.

Anyway—this is a long way of saying that I was going through my Dropbox folders the other day and found these pictures my sisters snapped for me last year at the Kennedy Center before we saw Anastasia the Friday after Thanksgiving. I totally meant to post them last year, but completely forgot to in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (and in the midst of quitting my first job!). And I love, and still wear this outfit—all black with a statement red earring and a block heel—that I thought it was timely to share ahead of this season of merriment.

And, if you’ve never been, The Kennedy Center is one of my favorite places in DC—and their rooftop has some of the best views of Georgetown, Watergate, and Arlington. My first trip to the Ken Cen was in third grade on a school field trip, and I’ve loved it ever since.

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Wagyu & Wine at The Capital Grille

It’s no secret I’m a fan of The Capital Burger—evidence here and here!—so when their parent restaurant, The Capital Grille, reached out and asked me to come in to try out their annual Wagyu & Wine event, I jumped at the chance. The Capital Grille is an institution here in DC, and for good reason, as I’ve never had anything less than an amazing meal there.

For those of you unfamiliar (like I was!) with Wagyu & Wine, it’s where The Capital Grille flips food and wine pairings on its head—most restaurants select the wine that best complements their dish. With Wagyu & Wine, each burger on the menu is crafted to complement the flavor profile of an exceptional Napa Valley wine rarely offered by the glass. This amazing wine and burger pairing is available for just $25 in the lounge through November 17!

I was able to check it out last Wednesday with my friend Kate—and we watched part of Game Seven of the World Series while enjoying this delicious meal. (I still can’t believe the Nats won!) Though Wagyu & Wine is available at all locations, we went to the one in Tysons Corner, right near my office. Their lounge is 100% my new favorite happy hour spot in the area, and I am going to convince all my coworkers to come with me next time. We got there by getting off the Metro at the Tysons Corner stop, walking through the mall, and exiting via Bloomingdale’s. The Capital Grille is just a short—less than one minute!—walk from there. While the dining room offers a white table cloth experience, the lounge is more laid back, but still provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere and the amazing service The Capital Grille is known for. We had such a good time that we stayed for three hours!

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On My Nightstand: October 2019

October was a great month for me when it comes to reading—I read so many great books! And, I was grateful to have more time for reading than I did back in September. October was also the month my Kindle Unlimited free, three-month trial ended. If you’ve been reading here for a little bit, you know I tested it out when I got a longer trial from a Prime Day deal. I ended up reading two books off of Kindle Unlimited, but since I like to keep lists of “to read” books, and most of the books I want to read weren’t on Kindle Unlimited, requesting books through my local library and/or buying books outright is a much better system for me.

As is custom on these posts, I wanted to call out that I’m part of a program where Random House will send me some of their new titles each month. I’m under no obligation to post about any titles I receive, so I really can tell you my own opinion (good or bad!) about them. I’ve starred the books Random House sent me for free below. I’m so lucky to be sent books and that’s not lost on me!

I’d love to know what you’re reading—drop me a note in the comments below! x

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