Lust List

This weekend in order to accomplish my goal of finding a new swimsuit for the beach next week, I had to walk through Nordstrom to reach the rest of the mallsuch punishment, I know. Of course, as soon as I walked into the store I ran into was my friend Molly, who, like me, is a Nordstrom loyalist and a huge fan of their anniversary sale. We bopped around the home goods section together for a while and then she ushered me past the shoes so I could focus on the aforementioned goal at hand. I walked out of the mall with three new bikinis and nothing from a Nordstrom—a rarity even when there isn’t a sale. But through Molly’s and my quick walk through the store, I added a few more things to my lust list.

6. Kate Spade Odds and Ends Tray. ($40)

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