The Old Lucketts Store’s Holiday Design House

Last weekend, my sisters and I went out to The Old Lucketts Store’s Holiday Design House for the first time—it was so much fun and we definitely want this to become an annual tradition! Located out in Leesburg, it was about an hour drive from my apartment in Arlington. Despite having grown up in Fairfax, we had never been and didn’t really know what to expect. Many of my friends go each year, but we were really sold on wanting to go when we my sister Jennifer found TikTok about it—I am so glad she coordinated this day for us!

The Old Lucketts Store is open year-round and you don’t need a ticket to enter. The Holiday Design House is open seasonally in November + December, and you need a ticket to enter. It’s filled to the brim with Christmas decor and gifts, and all the furniture is also available for purchase. Tickets generally go on-sale in September. We decided to get tickets in mid-November and while most dates + times were sold out, there were still some December slots available. We ended up going on the last weekend the Holiday Design House was open, which turned out to be an awesome time to go as everything was 50% off! I also heard there’s an advantage to going earlier in the season because they have more inventory—though there was still a ton of items for sale when we went. Regardless of when you go, if you love festive and fun holiday gift shops, you can’t go wrong.

When we arrived, we were a few minutes before our entrance time to the Holiday Design House, so we spent some time walking around the property. They have so many cute vignettes and backdrops for photos—it is truly an Instagram dream!

When it was our time to enter the Holiday Design House—which is literally a separate farm house on the property—our tickets were scanned and we were transported into a winter wonderland! Each room in the house was filled with all sorts of holiday items—decor, candles, gifts, wrapping supplies. They also had champagne and cookies for you to enjoy while you shopped. We all found some great stuff and spent about 45 minutes inside the house—we did a few laps to take it all in and make decisions about our purchases.

Once we finished shopping at the Holiday Design House, we went over to The Old Luckett’s Store to check that out, too! They had some amazing antiques and a lot of holiday gifts + finds as well. I would love to go back and shop there again soon—it is such a great spot to find unique, one-of-a-kind things for my apartment.

This was such a fun + festive way to spend time with my sisters and really got me into the holiday spirit. I am already looking forward to next year’s visit to the Holiday Design House! x

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