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Link Love #79

Link love on a Thursday, say what?!

I wanted to get you all your link fix for the week since I plan to share my favorite picks from the Nordstrom Sale later today or first thing tomorrow.

Since I’ve been home for several weeks, I’ve been taking the time to hit up Orange Theory and spin classes, and am really loving the exercise high as of late. This weekend I plan to take a few classes, as well as catch up with Monica at Tupelo Honey and hang out with some of my favorite bloggers at Nordstrom Pentagon City to scope the sale. Other than that, I hope to work on the blog, post some new pieces to my Etsy Shop, and catch up on sleep—I’ve been burning the midnight oil too much lately.

I hope you have a great Thursday and a wonderful weekend! x

And here’s what’s been happening around A Touch of Teal lately:

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  1. omg thank you for linking to my apartment!! Seems we share an affinity for palms… 😉

    Funny that you shared that post about the Gossip Girl books… I was sick earlier this week and laid on the couch watching Gossip Girl season 1 on Netflix. I was blown away by how (even ten years later in the case of the show) the fashion was still so relevant!!!

    Published 7.13.17
    • Katie wrote:

      Of course, Grace! Great minds :]

      And yes! I need to re-watch it, but I know I’ll still be envying Blair’s wardrobe all these years later!

      Published 7.15.17