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Link Love #49


What are y’all up to this weekend? Tonight I’m having a chill wine night with two old friends, and tomorrow, I’m headed to my first Taste of the South with Kristyn and Lauren! Stoked doesn’t even begin to cover it. For those of you that don’t know, Taste of the South is a large charity gala held every year, and Kristyn has been working tirelessly on it for months! I’m excited to support a dear friend and hang out with some of the Hill’s finest.

Have a great weekend! x

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    I didn’t know the Jon Benet Ramsey case was getting its own show?! I’ll definitely be watching too! I did hear the conspiracy about Katy Perry though. Very strange.. I wonder if they’ll tie it into the show at all?

    Published 4.15.16
    • Katie wrote:

      I know! I wonder too, we will have to watch to see!

      Published 4.17.16