Link Love #140

Hi, all! Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a nice week. I love summertime weather, so I have been in Heaven the past few weeks and have been spending as much time outdoors on patios. This week was probably the week I’ve had the most social plans since March, dining out at patios three times this week! I totally understand everyone has different comfort levels with going out and about right now, but I’ve been really impressed with everywhere I’ve been: the tables are far apart, there’s hand sanitizer everywhere, and most restaurants have some sort of QR-code ordering or payment system to reduce interaction between guests and their hardworking staff. If you’re looking for a great patio hang in DC, this week I went to Barcelona, Dacha, and Screwtop, and they all did a great job. (I am usually a Barcelona hater—it’s always so crowded and disorganized, but my experience there was one of the best yet in Covid-19 times, so I would highly recommend!)

This weekend, I am really looking forward to laying low. I’m behind on reading for the month, so would love to spend an afternoon reading, and also have a few appointments at my apartment gym, which has been such a nice treat since it opened up by appointment only earlier this month.

I hope you have a great weekend! x

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