Link Love #136

Happy Friday! This week was so much better for me than last—I cut my news consumption down even further, was super busy at work which made the time fly, and feel like I am finally learning how to effectively balance my virtual social life. I felt like I have had a lot of emotional whiplash lately, and I am sure swings of sadness at some point, but for today, I’m grateful for a period of peace and calm. I snapped the picture above in my neighborhood on one of my walks after work this week—the wisteria at the Argentine Embassy was so beautiful and I stopped to enjoy it for a few minutes!

Back before Coronavirus, I would dedicate a little bit of time in these posts to talk about my weekend plans. These days, there isn’t much to report on—but I am going to try to get takeout from somewhere fun, finish up the book I’m reading, find a new TV show to binge and get outside on some nice long walks. I’m also looking forward to sleeping in and not having to be up at my computer by a certain time.

We got this—have a good weekend! x

For the time being, I’m also going to share some of the most interesting articles I read as it relates to COVID-19. I’ll separate them out into a different section so that if you’re pulling back from COVID-related news, they are easy to skip! So here’s all the links relating to that:

And here’s what’s new on TOT:

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