Link Love #135

Happy, happy Friday! I feel like this week, all the novelty about working from home wore off and I started to panic about how long we might be in this socially distancing mode for. When I thought about it for too long, I could physically feel my stress levels rising—so I’m really trying to take things day by day and not worry so much about next week or next month. I also am taking a mental health day off work next Friday, and while it won’t look much different than a normal day, am excited to sleep in, go on a nice long walk, and curl up with a good book.

This week, I decided to treat myself with a little retail therapy. I finally caved and bought Apple AirPods—they just arrived, so I am excited to test those out this weekend. I also splurged and bought a pair of Lake Pajamas. I had purchased a pair a while back and really liked them, but just couldn’t justify spending $80 on pajamas at the time. But, since I am literally spending pretty much all my time at home, and it is supporting a small biz, I thought now would be the perfect time.

This weekend I am going to start Virgin River on Netflix since I’ve heard so many good things, hopefully read a book or two, film an IGTV on my nighttime skincare routine, and get some takeout from a few of my favorite local restaurants as a treat. I hope you guys are hanging in there and staying safe—have a great weekend! x

For the time being, I’m also going to share some of the most interesting articles I read as it relates to COVID-19. I’ll separate them out into a different section so that if you’re pulling back from COVID-related news, they are easy to skip! So here’s all the links relating to that:

And here’s what’s new on TOT:

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