Link Love #131

Happy, happy Friday! Even though I had Monday off so it was a shorter week, it’s sometimes the shorter weeks that feel the longest—I am excited for the weekend! Though work got off to a busy start this year—knock on wood—it’s been pretty reasonable since I got back from New Orleans, which I am really grateful for. This week, my winter blues really kicked in, especially earlier this week when it was really cold in DC, so it’ll be nice to have a few days off just to do me.

This weekend, I am keeping things pretty low key. Tonight, I’m doing a wine night with some friends that we’ve been talking about since like, October! We want to stay in, watch some RomComs, and catch up. Tomorrow, I’m hitting up Soul Cycle and grabbing coffee with a friend from college. Other than that, I’m planning on reading, working on TOT, and hitting the gym. I love chill weekends like these, especially when it’s so darn cold out.

Last night, I went to Kramer Books in Dupont Circle with three friends from high school and had the best time. We talked about what we used to be like in high school and what we know now we wish we knew then. We laughed about AIM culture and our old away messages, some of our old teachers, and the nerdy things we used to do. It’s true what they say, the older you get, the more you need people who knew you when you were young—and I am lucky to have those people in my life.

Hope you have a great one! x

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