Link Love #130

TGIF! First workweek of 2020 in the books! So far, the new year has kind of knocked me down—on Tuesday, I woke up feeling fine, but by the middle of the day, my throat was so sore and I felt really groggy. It started snowing during the middle of the day, so we went home to finish the day from there. After my calls wrapped, I went to urgent care to get swabbed for strep. Luckily, I didn’t have strep, but that meant I’d just have to ride out whatever virus I caught. I stayed home from work Wednesday and took it easy, and luckily, yesterday, I was starting to feel on the upswing.

I was extra stressed about getting sick this week because I don’t really get a weekend—but for a really fun reason because on Saturday, I am heading to New Orleans to work the College Football National Championship Game with my day job. This will be my third time in New Orleans and I am excited to get back to the Big Easy, eat some amazing gumbo, hear some amazing jazz music, and watch a great football game. I’ll be cheering for Clemson—go Tigers! #AllIn

I hope you all have a great weekend! x

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