Link Love #115

Happy Friday! It’s cold and rainy here in DC, and I could not be more ready for spring to show up—but I have a feeling it is just around the corner.

This weekend was a crazy week at work, and on Wednesday and Thursday it was especially hard to get out of bed! Most weekends, I try to workout both Saturday and Sunday mornings, but this weekend, I am giving myself a pass tomorrow morning so I can sleep in and wake up without an alarm, which is one of the best simple pleasures in life. In that same vein, I’m keeping my weekend pretty low-key so I can watch as much basketball as possible! I’m super excited that March Madness is here—my Final Four is Florida State, Duke, UVA, and Kentucky, and I have UVA winning it all. After our devastating first-round loss last year,  I will consider it a win if we make it to the round of 32. That being said, I’m heading to Minneapolis for the Final Four with work, and I am really hoping Tony and the crew will be making the trip, too!

Right after I get back from the Final Four, the Cherry Blossoms here should be in peak bloom. One thing I really want to do this year for me is head down to the National Mall before work, early in the morning, and take photos of the blossoms when they aren’t overrun by crowns. I’ve been to the Cherry Blossoms before, but they are one of those things you just don’t take enough advantage of as a local, so I am excited to enjoy their beauty again this year.

I hope you all have a great weekend—I’ll probably back in on Saturday with a post! x

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