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Link Love #111

Happy, happy Friday!

This week felt like it went by at lightening speeds—I had the day off work Monday, and then had a two-day on-site meeting at work, so it was a whirlwind. I am very excited for a restorative weekend at home. I am not a huge fan of winter weather, but I do love that it’s kind of hibernation season for everyone so it really forces me to slow down and just enjoy some quality time around the apartment.

The picture above was taken in my neighborhood two weekends ago when DC was hit with nearly 10 inches of snow. What’s even more remarkable than the accumulation—which isn’t the highest we’ve had—was that it snowed for nearly 36 hours. I kept expecting it to stop, but it didn’t! Like cold weather, snow just isn’t my thing generally—but, I do always appreciate the first snowfall of the year, especially when I don’t really have anywhere to be but cuddled up on the couch.

I’m carving out some time to work on the blog this weekend, so I’ll be back here next week with new posts on deck for you all—I hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend! x

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  1. thank you so much for including my post, katie! have a fantastic weekend. xoxo

    Published 1.25.19
    • Katie wrote:

      Have a great weekend, Grace! xoxo

      Published 1.26.19