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Link Love #105

TGIF! I am so excited for the weekend—and glad to be spending it in DC! Tomorrow I am having my TV mounted and some art hung in my apartment, so I am excited to get that crossed off the list because then I think I’ll officially be all set up in the new place. Then, tomorrow evening, Monica, Laura, Sarah, and I are seeing Reese Witherspoon on her Whiskey in a Teacup book tour! We’re grabbing drinks at Mi Vida at the Wharf before, which has been on my DC bucket list for a while, so I am excited to check it off the list.

Other than that, I am keeping things pretty low key since I’ve had a busy week at my day job—I actually went up and back to Boston yesterday for a presentation at HBS, which was so much fun, but also very exhausting! I plan to do a little bit of meal prep, work on the blog, and read on my couch. I picked up The Happiness Advantage on the advice of a friend, and it’s all about how if you’re happy, the success and rewards will follow—not the other way around. It’s findings are based in real empirical research and have been used at Fortune 500 companies across the globe. I started it on the plane yesterday, and am excited to pick it back up tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to drop post ideas / constructive feedback in Monday’s post! If you haven’t yet, I’d love any feedback on what you want to see moving forward on A Touch of Teal and if you have any suggestions for improvement. You can let me know anonymously here > https://atouchofteal.typeform.com/to/e0EHnR

Have a great weekend!


+ I loved that AC Slater and Kelly Kapowski reunited on Ellen to make some boozy milkshakes.

+ If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend watching Joe Biden’s eulogy for Senator John McCain.

+ CorningWare is relaunching their iconic cornflower dining products—the pattern always makes me think of my grandma’s delicious squash casserole.

+ If you’re looking for a way to work abroad, I’ve loved following along with Jess’s journey on Remote Year. She gives a great overview of the program and how it works in this post. My biggest regret from college is that I never studied abroad—so I am definitely exploring ways to get a similar experience as an adult.

+ Michael Wright describes his harrowing escape from the 81st floor of the World Trade Center. This was an emotional read, but since I was only 10 at the time of the attacks, reading articles like this one really helps me process and understand what happened that day in a way I couldn’t as a kid.

+ On a related note, I loved this moving photo of 1 WTC poking out of the clouds on 9/11.

+ J Crew relaunched with new sizes and new styles. I am excited to see their new pieces—I haven’t been impressed with the quality lately, but have always loved the brand so I hope they are able to turn things around.

+ Jackie asks a thought provoking question, “do we travel just for Instagram?” This is something that has also been on my mind as Instagram is usually one of the first places I research upcoming destinations and then I, too, love to go to the popular places to ‘gram while on trips.

+ 22 Hamilton lyrics, explained. My coworker and I talk often about how we wish we were still in college so we could take a fun liberal arts course on the musical.

+ Uber put out a great case study on their redesign—I always love seeing how brands rethink their brand and how much thought goes into every element.

+ Watching Hurricane Florence’s impact on North Carolina has been absolutely devastating—I really feel for everyone who has lost their homes and livelihoods. One of my favorite recurring news stories coming out of all these storm’s is the Cajun Navy’s commitment to helping others.

+ DC locals—here are the 2019 Michelin Star restaurants!

+ Sweetflow is coming back! Sweetgreen will convert its first shop in Georgetown into a market called The Tavern.

+ Harvard followed 800 people for decades and found six things that make people happier and live longer.

+ I’ve been loving following along with Joy of Oh Joy’s home building process. I found her most recent post on construction loans extremely helpful—a good read if you want to build a house or undertake a big renovation project!

+ An interesting read on the secret swag resale economy.


And in case you missed it, here’s what’s been new on A Touch of Teal lately:

I’ll be back next week with regularly scheduled programming!

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    So excited for drinks and Reese! TGIF!

    Published 9.21.18
  2. Kaci wrote:

    Thank you for sharing the 9/11 survivor’s story.

    Published 9.23.18
    • Katie wrote:

      I’m glad you liked that one too <3.

      Published 10.23.18