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Happy, happy Friday—who else is excited for the long weekend?!

I’m staying in town this LDW, and I am really happy I’ll have a few days at home to just hang out and do whatever strikes my fancy. My office closes at 2pm today and I am going to see Crazy Rich Asians right after work lets out and on Sunday, I’m going wine tasting with my sister and the pair of sisters I went to New Orleans with earlier this year, but other than that, my calendar is wide open.

I haven’t talked about it as much on the blog, but I am moving to Dupont a week from tomorrow! And I haven’t packed a thing, so it’s probably a good thing I’m in town this weekend with very few plans because my goal is to have most my apartment boxed up by the time the new workweek rolls around. I am able to pick up my keys next Friday afternoon, so I plan to move a few of my more delicate items over after work. I hired the same movers I used last year, and they are great—but I just don’t want to risk it with my favorite things. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on how the move goes—and if my wall is completely ruined after a year-long stint with temporary wallpaper.

I’m sad to see summer go—even though I know it’s not technically fall until September 21—but excited for this new adventure. I hope you all have a fun and safe long weekend! x


+ Putting this one up front because I think everyone should read it—Steph Curry’s recent essay, This is Personal.

+ I loved this Greenbrier-inspired wedding in DC! They did such a good job capturing the essence of the resort.

+ After my trip to Newport, Rhode Island earlier this summer, I spent some time researching the mansions that I visited. It was cool to see the newly released photos of The Breakers family apartment on the third floor. I was also kind of surprised at how everything looked really rundown as compared to the lower floors that are open to the public, which I think really shows the power of historic preservation.

+ This sentimental piece from Kelly on why her Dad’s boat means so much is the perfect end-of-summer read.

+ Calling all English majors—after/words, a new project by some UVA grads, interviews former English majors about what they chose to do with their careers after earning an English degree. Since earning an English degree doesn’t always give you a clear career path, I think it’s so helpful to see how language and literature can prepare you for post-grad life.

+ The lettuce wars are real—I appreciated this writer’s thoughts on why it’s time to realize iceberg lettuce is a superior lettuce. I’m partial to romaine myself.

+ I’m not as familiar with what the Bouvier sisters were up to in the 1970s as compared to the Camelot years, but loved reading about and seeing photos from their “second act” in New York City in this article.

+ And speaking of the Bouvier sisters, their childhood home in McLean was on the market last summer for nearly $50 million—its gorgeous!

+ For all you fellow Hamilton fans, here’s a great inside look at how the Hamilton “swings” have to be ready to go on stage at a moment’s notice.

+ After reading this amazing Ask Polly: ‘I Like Myself, But I Hate Being Single,’ I binged nearly every Ask Polly column The Cut has published and signed up for the newsletter. Definitely some great reads for when you’re having a slow day at work!

+ The pictures of those fleeing economic hardship and near anarchy in Venezuela broke my heart.

+ Sasheer Zamata is one of my favorite SNL cast members, and she’s a UVA alum, too! She recently did a great interview that sheds some light on her time in Charlottesville and how it helped launch here career—read it here.

+ Did you know the Tidal Basin used to be a popular Washington, DC beach? I loved seeing these historic photos of water you’d have to pay me a ton of money to win in today, hah!

+ I loved these interviews with 19 new Lawn residents at UVA. One thing that really struck me about all their answers was the raw, unbridled ambition and true optimism for their futures—I’ve definitely lost some of that spirit since college, but would love to find ways to embrace it in my current life.

+ The science behind the world’s longest flights are changing, and I thought it was so interested to read about it’s going to impact what you eat and how your body functions on those long-haul flights.

+ We’ll end on a funny note: 10+ awesome tombstones by people with an immortal sense of humor.


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