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Link Love #103

It’s finally FRIDAY!

It’s been a hot second since my last installment of link love, primarily because these dog days of summer have been busier than I anticipated. I don’t think things are going to slow down for another couple of weeks, so thanks for hanging with me during this slightly erratic posting schedule.

This week was on the busier side especially, as I have a big project due today and its our interns’ last week at work. On Wednesday, we had our annual in-office poker tournament that’s always a highlight, and last night, we had a murder mystery dinner party at Oyamel downtown. The theme was masquerade ball, and in addition to masks, we all wore cocktail attire. It was so much fun! I rented this dress last minute for the occasion and am glad I did.

This weekend is going to be a super fun one—I am seeing Hamilton (!!!) with my sister Jennifer tomorrow at the Kennedy Center. We’re big fans of the soundtrack and have long wanted to see it live. The tickets are definitely not cheap, but during a family pow wow in our cul de sac after the Jimmy Buffett concert last week, we decided to YOLO and buy tickets on stub hub. I’ve been told I won’t regret it and am so excited! I’ll definitely let you all know what I think.

Have a great weekend! x


+ For all you locals, the Broadway version of Anastasia is coming to the Kennedy Center at the end of October and running through November! My sisters and I bought tickets for over Thanksgiving break and I am so excited.

+ If you want to see an amazing dance routine, check this one out. I can’t stop watching!

+ I’ve long wanted a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses, but really hate spending a ton of money on sunglasses since I really beat up on them. Julia of Lemon Stripes recently shared these sunglasses from Amazon that look really similar to the Karen Walker ones. I bought the Havana Amber ones, and am so happy with the purchase—definitely a great buy if you’re heading to the beach LDW!

+ The Brady Bunch house went up for sale—and Lance Bass ended up buying it so it wouldn’t be torn down by developers! I loved seeing what the inside of the house actually looks like—it’s a lot different from the decor Carol and Mike Brady had, hah!

+ Does anyone else remember the McDonald’s Monopoly game that was big in the 90s? Turns out it was so hard to win because an ex-cop rigged the whole thing.

+ Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice gave a rare interview to British Vogue in the September issue! They are both around my age, so I’m always curious to hear from them. I am excited to see what Eugenie chooses to wear to her wedding next month.

+ Have you noticed so many popular books have a floral print on the cover? This article is a great read on why its heavily favored by publishing house right now.

+ I loved reading Jen’s take on living in Manhattan with a baby. I grew up in the suburbs, so am always curious about how city kids live. How fun is it that they visit Central Park multiple times a day?

+ Who else took AP World History in high school? The College Board received some pushback when they announced they were essentially cutting out 9,000 years of history. I personally am not a huge fan of this shift—I think I benefited so much from having an understanding of what happened before the common era and how those themes impact the history we’re living today.

+ I always think it’s interesting how people choose their favorite baby names, and I loved Taza’s recent post about how she and her husband picked their five children’s names.

+ Mackenize shared an interview with her 91-year-old grandma that I absolutely loved reading. She had such good advice!


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  1. Thank you so much for including me in this lovely roundup! I’m so flattered. Yes, it’s been an amazing adventure thus far 🙂 xo

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      Of course — thank you for writing! x

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