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Hi! It’s been a while since I have done a life lately post — almost three months! — so I wanted to check in and talk about what’s been going on in my life. Earlier this month, I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a girls’ ski trip. It was such a cute, historic town, and really captured the spirit of the Old West. (I am working on a complete recap of our trip that should be up in the next couple of weeks!) When I returned from visiting my 40th state, the weather here in DC was incredible — it was warm enough to walk after work without a huge jacket, and because of “spring forward,” it stayed light enough to make this possible. While the temperatures have since dipped back down, this brief respite from the 30s and 40s gave me a new lease on life, and I am ready for consistently warm weather.

After two back-to-back trips — Cancun and Jackson Hole — and a last minute work trip to Denver in January (my first time — but I spent my time visiting urgent care and in my hotel room feeling awful; turns out, I had the flu), I am really excited to be home for nearly two months straight. We are heading to Rosemary Beach in 30A over Cinco de Mayo weekend for my friend Julie’s bachelorette party, but between then and now, I am really enjoying my life here in Arlington and being in my routine. I consistently go to the office on Tuesdays + Wednesdays, and while I definitely like working from home, it is fun to see my coworkers in person, gossip about the latest pop culture news, and have a reason to shop for workwear again. (These pants from Express have been a go-to this winter, as have these from Old Navy — both are structured + professional, but comfortable enough to wear all day.) On Mondays after work, I go to Soul Cycle and on Thursdays, I take a weight lifting class with Jennifer. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, since I am going into the office, I give myself more flexibility with my schedule, either going to happy hour with friends or getting in another workout. Weekends, as always, are filled with a mix of trying new restaurants around DC, running errands, chores around the apartment, and relaxing ahead of the work week ahead. I used to live my life on the go, but now I really value being home and delighting in my daily life.


Earlier this month, the DC cherry blossoms were in peak bloom and we went to see them one Wednesday night after work. While I don’t always go down to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms, whenever I do make it down, I always enjoy it — they truly are stunning, and I love seeing the Jefferson and Washington Monument framed by their glory. We walked the entire Tidal Basin, and I probably a picture from nearly every angle, hah! Because we went on a weeknight, it wasn’t an absolute zoo — and we lucked out with some beautiful weather, too. It’s always fun to play tourist in your own city. (I shared more photos over on Instagram!)


Over Presidents’ Day Weekend, my friend Emma was in Baltimore, and since it’s only about an hour away from DC, I went up to see her for the day. Other than visiting the aquarium at the National Harbor with my family years ago, I haven’t spent much time in Baltimore. We started our night at WC Harlan, which was a super cool speakeasy. The front door, shown above, was completely unassuming — and if you didn’t know an amazing cocktail bar was behind its doors, you would have just kept on walking. We got there right at 5pm when it opened and had no problem getting a seat, but by the time we left a few hours later, it was packed from wall to wall — so definitely go on the earlier side if you can! They had an amazing menu of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. For my first drink, I opted for a “bartender’s choice” where I told the bartender what spirit I wanted and the flavors I liked, and he made me a great citrus-y creation. For my second drink, I did a delicious pisco sour.

After happy hour, we went over to dinner at Clavel Mezcaleria right up the street. (They don’t take reservations, but we put our name right at 5pm when they opened.) The food was definitely worth the wait! We started off with some of the best queso + guac I’ve ever had — I am still thinking about that queso more than a month later! And then, I did several different kinds of tacos for dinner, enjoyed with one of their wonderful house margaritas.


I don’t love to run errands during the week — I like to reserve my time after work for working out, seeing friends, or enjoying some time on the couch with one of my favorite shows. (I’ve been rewatching Younger, which is just as cute the second time, and I absolutely loved Joey’s season of The Bachelor! I hadn’t watched in years, but The Golden Bachelor was so endearing, I decided to give the normal franchise a try again, and I am glad I did.) Because of that, I do most of my errands on the weekends — whether it’s grocery shopping, a Target run, returning things I bought online, dropping off / picking up dry cleaning — all those fun tasks you have to do as an adult. But after spending a Saturday in January running all over town for shopping for various necessities and hitting up multiple stores to make a return, I decided it was high time to simplify my life so my weekends don’t get eaten up by these tasks.

Since then, I’ve been buying more of my necessities online at Amazon Prime or with my Target RedCard that offers free shipping. Everything from shampoo + conditioner to all purpose cleaner to makeup remover now just shows up at my door without me having to spend the time to go get it. Sure, sometimes things cost a bit more online, but at this point in my life, I value my time more. And, any anytime I need to return something, I just mail it back — even if it costs a few extra bucks. Neither ordering essentials online or mailing returns back is a groundbreaking approach, but I can’t tell you how much this has simplified my life and given me precious time back on the weekends.

I still grocery shop in-person, versus using a delivery service, but I live within four blocks of both a Trader Joe’s and a Whole Foods, so it’s easy for me to get groceries without having to get in my car or quickly pick something up for dinner on my lunch break.


In 2019, I had my first root canal. I had no idea what a tooth ache felt like, so I let mine get so bad that I literally was writhing in pain and could barely sleep because it was so bad. As soon as they numbed me up, I felt my entire body relax — and the only hard part from that point on was getting the bill for the procedure and my accompanying porcelain crown. Dental work isn’t cheap, y’all! (The following year, during open enrollment, I got a better dental insurance — lesson learned.)

In mid-December, I noticed that the tooth (#14) I had a root canal on — or so I thought — was hurting, especially when I would bite down while eating. I went to see my dentist, and via x-rays, she figured out that it actually wasn’t tooth #14 causing me pain, but the molar next to it (#15). I wasn’t shocked in the least — #15 had an extremely deep filling, and the endodontist who did my first root canal essentially told me it was only a matter of time before it would need a root canal, too. My dentist could see on the x-ray that the filling in #15 was cracked, and there was likely an infection underneath causing me pain. She sent me to the endodontist to see if he thought I needed a root canal, and at the time, after doing the diagnostic tests and taking more x-rays, didn’t think I did.

So, on the advice of my dentist, I scheduled a two-part procedure. At the first appointment, she shaved my tooth down to prepare it for a crown and clean out any decay. Then, she fit me for a permanent porcelain crown and put a temporary one on in the interim. At the second appointment, she put the new permanent crown on. Both went off without a hitch, and I thought alls well that ends well.


About two weeks after the permanent crown went on, I started having really bad tooth pain — and it was waking me up in the middle of the night. I didn’t want the pain to get as bad as it had the first time I needed a root canal, so I went back to the endodontist as soon as he had an appointment. He quickly ascertained I did need now a root canal, which he told me can sometimes happen after getting a crown since it’s a very traumatic procedure for the tooth. I said, “let’s do it,” and he numbed me up right away. After that, the root canal itself was pretty smooth sailing — the worst part is that they put a dental dam over the rest of your mouth for the entire ~hour-long procedure so that only the one tooth is exposed. It always makes me feel super claustrophobic because I feel like I can’t swallow! Luckily, he was able to do the root canal through my new permanent crown (which wasn’t cheap!), and just close up his entry point like you would a normal filling.

Needless to say, I hope this is my last root canal for a while ;).



+ I loved this article in The New York Times that overviews how 33 year olds, the peak millennials, are shaping the US economy: It’s Me, Hi I’m the Problem. I’m 33. I was born in 1990, graduated high school in 2009, and graduated college in 2013 — so I related to this article immensely!

+ For Christmas, I got a pair of Jenny Bird earrings, and loved both the quality and the uniqueness in the style. I wanted to add another pair to my collection, and purchased these Jenny Bird Mavi Hoops recently. I love that they are a fun take on a classic, with a beautiful cobalt blue on the inside rim of the earring. Can’t recommend these enough!

+ Before I went to Jackson Hole, I bought this small handbag with a crossbody strap. It’s such a cute bag, and really good quality, especially since it’s under $100 on Amazon. I later learned it’s a dupe for the Bottega Veneta Andiamo bag — I am not normally a dupe person, but even knowing that it is one, I plan to keep using it because I love carrying it.

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