The Dress I’m Loving This Summer

Other than a quick trip, one-night trip to NYC last month, I’ve been at home in Arlington and absolutely loving it. I’ve been able to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while, say yes to spontaneous plans, and finally feel like I’m all caught up on the life admin that being an adult requires—my returns are done, my house is clean, and I’m on top of my personal email inbox. One of the silver linings of the pandemic, for me, was realizing just how much I do like to be at home, in my routine. I still have a huge passion for travel, but next year, I’d love to space out my travel more—that way I can really enjoy each trip and then also have some downtime at home in between. Champagne problems for sure, but keeping it real for you!

Since I’ve been spending more time at home—and haven’t had as many travel expenses as I did from March through June—I’ve picked up some home projects that I’m excited to share with you soon. I recently purchased a new bookshelf for my living room, am working on curating a gallery wall for my bedroom, and am on the hunt for another vintage dresser to add to my collection.

But, speaking of home, a few weekends ago, my sister Lindsey and I went to Old Town Alexandria for brunch—we had the best time and I’ll be sharing more about our wonderful day in an upcoming ‘Life Lately‘ post soon. Before we headed out to the restaurant, I asked her to snap a few pictures of me around my apartment because I wanted to talk about this Hunter Bell Jenkins Dress, a recent splurge of mine that’s quickly become my favorite dress of the summer. 

Several influencers I follow bought a different pattern of this Hunter Bell Jenkins Dress last summer—and I fell in love with the silhouette then. I love a good puff sleeve, especially in this Zoom era we are in, so I knew if I purchased it, I’d be reaching for it often. However, by the time I went to buy it, they were sold out for the season in the pattern I wanted. I kept tabs on the website for a while, but it was never restocked.

As luck would have it, when they came out with this year’s patterns for the Jenkins Dress, I loved this blue and green fabric even more than the one I originally had my eye on. While pricey, I decided to invest because I knew my cost per wear would be really low. I also had promised myself that unless I loved it when I put it on, I’d return it. (Things always seem to look better online!) When it came, I tried it on and knew it was a keeper for me. I’ve worn it a ton since purchasing, and it’s really easy to dress up or down, depending on what accessories and shoes you pair with it.

Because of how the silhouette is cut, I went a size down from my normal size and am so glad I did—this dress has a ton of fabric and I think I would have been absolutely swimming in my normal size!

And needless to say, it pairs well with champagne ;).


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