Another Faux Bamboo Vintage Dresser – This Time in Navy!

Last year, one of my goals was to “finish” my apartment. I put the word finish in quotes as I think my home will never truly be done as I am always re-organizing and re-styling, but what I essentially was getting at by that goal was ensuring that I had all major pieces of furniture and that there were no empty walls. As such, over the 2022 into 2023 holidays, I spent some time shopping for another dresser for my bedroom. I was already using the vintage faux bamboo dresser I had lacquered in green, but was craving more store space for off-season clothing and accessories. There was also a perfect spot for a dresser underneath a painting of Greece I had hanging in my room.

Originally, I was leaning towards something like this. But after thinking about my space more, I realized that loved having vintage furniture around — not only because it’s great quality, but because it adds so much character to my space. As such, I decided I wanted to add another faux bamboo vintage dresser to my collection. I ordered my first vintage dresser through Resplendent Crow, and my second one through DEG Furniture Designs via Chairish. While I was ultimately pleased with both purchases, I really wanted to give my business to Hibiscus House this go-around — I’d followed them on Instagram for years, and my friend had an awesome shopping experience with them, so I had a personal recommendation to vouch for their quality and customer service.

After having purchased three vintage dressers from three different vendors, I can say that hands down, the best experience I had — by far — was with Hibiscus House, and I would not hesitate to buy vintage furniture again from them in the future.

Not only was the quality of the work the best — I could tell they used high-end lacquer and my piece arrived with no chips or scratches — they were also the most communicative throughout the process, letting me know via text when my piece was being lacquered, curing, and, eventually, en route to me. When you’re making a huge investment, having that extra level of customer service just gives you peace of mind that your money is being well spent. As such, if you’re in the market for vintage furniture, I can’t recommend Hibiscus House — a small, woman-owned business — enough!

(If you’re looking for a similar dresser, I’ve linked some below or you can view some here — and definitely make sure to check back to Hibiscus House often as they get new inventory often!)

When I was shopping, luckily for me, Hibiscus House had a six-drawer, faux bamboo vintage dresser made by the Florida Furniture Company in stock, ready for custom lacquer. The dimensions of the dresser were absolutely perfect for my space, so I knew it was meant to be. I went ahead and purchased it, and took advantage of Hibiscus House’s policy that lets you confirm your color choice within two weeks of purchase.

fWhile the other dresser color choices came easily to me — Seaweed Green by Benjamin Moore and Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore — this one I really struggled with. I was between a true navy and Benjamin Moore Athens Blue after seeing it on a dresser that Mary & Crew owns. Hibiscus House offers a selection of lacquer colors that are included in the price, including Sherwin Williams Naval, or you can pay more ($150) for custom color matching. I was so torn about this decision. I even went to the paint store and got paint chips to examine my choices in all sorts of lighting. While I loved Athens Blue, I ultimately decided to select Sherwin Williams Naval as I thought it would give me more styling flexibility in future homes and play better with my existing decor — two bright, bold dressers in one bedroom would be a lot of color. Nearly a year later from the time I received my dresser, I am really glad I made the color choice that I did — and I have no doubt that I’ll find a smaller piece to use Athens Blue on in the future.

When I purchased this dresser, I originally paid extra to switch out the hardware for Hibiscus House’s lucite hardware. I also asked them to send me the original hardware — knowing that vintage hardware can be hard and expensive to track down — in case I ever changed my mind. I am really glad I did! After a few months of living with the lucite hardware, I decided it wasn’t work on such a dark piece that had such a traditional feel to it. As such, one night after work, I made the impulse decision to switch out the hardware back to the original, and I am so glad I did — I love the look so much more. I think the lucite hardware would look great on a lighter piece, and I kept the hardware in case I ever need it in the future, but for now, this navy girl is staying with the classics.

I share more tips and tricks for buying vintage furniture in this post, but am always happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments or via email: katie@atouchofteal.com. Again, I can’t recommend sourcing vintage furniture from Hibiscus House enough!


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