My Favorite Place for Custom Framing

Hi, friends! It’s been on my list for a while to give you an update on the projects I want to do around my apartment, but since we have such little daylight these days, it’s hard to snap photos since my day job fills up most of the sunny hours of the day.

I did, however, take some pictures a few weekends ago when my new art print, Emma in Blush, by Josh Young returned from Framebridge in the Marquette frame—so I thought I’d pop in with a quick post on why they’re my favorite place for custom framing. I also think it will be a while before this apartment is “done,” so I want to do a better job of taking you on the journey—one piece at a time.

(Since I shot these photos I have hung them up above my desk and am looking for a third piece to complete this mini gallery wall. I think I have an idea of what I want, but will keep you posted on what I decide!)

Before I dive into my thoughts on Framebridge, you can read all about my desk in another post here. It’s the Ballard Designs Margaret Desk, my green velvet chair is from HomeThreads—and yes, it’s comfortable!, the pineapple lamp is from Target, and the Britt Bass art print is from Artfully Walls. I also recently added Beautiful and More Beautiful by Mark D. Sikes to my desk as a way to give some height to the lamp. (And, no, during the workday, my desk is *not* this clean!)


Ok, so if you’ve been reading here for a long time, you’ll remember I worked with Framebridge on a post way back in the day. Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars of my own money framing things up with Framebridge, and always have had a great experience. I recently found a piece of art to hang over my couch—more on that soon—and decided that instead of going with my tried and true, I’d mix it up and have it quoted out at Michael’s. Turns out, even with their “half off sale,” it was going to be $167 more to frame it at Michael’s than it was going to be at Framebridge! So while custom framing is never as affordable as buying a standard size frame, I really do think Framebridge provides a great value and unbeatable prices.

Additionally, I’ve found Framebridge has beautiful frames that feel high end and are more unique than what I see at other retailers. But the best part? They make it so easy to frame things. They’ll send you an envelope or tube to mail your item in, frame it up, and ship it back to you with the hardware to hang it—for free! Or, if you live in a market that has a Framebridge store, you can make an appointment for a design consultation or to drop your piece off. I have dropped off art at the 14th Street location here in DC multiple times—and the store is SUPER cute, too! (I’ve never done it, but they’ll also frame a print of a digital photo/file—you just upload it to their website. So easy!)

I will note that a few times, I have had some minor issues with the pieces I’ve gotten back from Framebridge (e.g. part of the frame was chipped or the mat wasn’t properly aligned), but they’ve always fixed it on my first request, profusely apologized, and often offer a coupon code or giftcard for my next purchase. As such, I trust them fully because I know whatever I send to them for framing will be done right!

I wanted to share a few other things I’ve had framed from Framebridge over the years—happy to answer any questions!

Emma in Blush is seen here in the Marquette frame

My favorite wallpaper is seen here in the Mandalay Gold frame

apartment bedroom decor ideas

Flamingoes by Inslee are seen here in the Mandalay Gold frame

apartment kitchen decor ideas

Charleston painting is seen here in the Valencia frame and the drawing of my childhood home is seen here in the Richmond frame

apartment living room ideas

Wallpaper from The Beverly Hills Hotel is seen here in the Lafayette Frame

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