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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice Easter! My family has a tradition of eating a delicious breakfast casserole my mom makes paired with bellinis after Mass, and this year’s feast did not disappoint. I love when Easter falls later in the season so it’s warmer and really feels like spring. When I got home from Fairfax, I took a nice long walk around my neighborhood—it really comes alive this time of year, with all the restaurants adding their outdoor seating and people of all ages out on a leisurely stroll. My goal is to take more long walks for the next six months while the weather is warm—they are great exercise and also very restorative. I do some of my best thinking on mindless walks!

April has felt a little out of sync for me since I’ve done a lot of work travel. My May is shaping up to be pretty busy with travel, too—work and play!—so I am really trying to get back into a solid routine these next couple of weeks. Make it to my regular exercise classes, find more greens in my diet, spend more lazy afternoons and evenings reading—that sort of thing that really makes me feel grounded. Luckily, this week, I’m pretty light on social plans, which will make achieving that goal easier. Tomorrow, I’m going to Lucky Buns with my blog squad, but then I don’t have plans again until Friday when I’m going to Maydan with my dinner club.

Greenworks Florist has long been on my list of potential locations for blog photoshoots—and I am sure you can see why since its pink and green storefront is what dreams are made of! (Pro tip if you want to shoot here, too—they are closed on Sunday so if you shoot then, you won’t get in the way of patrons popping in and out.) However, given its pretty busy and bright, I knew I had to find a really simple outfit to shoot here. When my English Factory Lace Blouse from Shopbop arrived, I knew Greenworks was the perfect backdrop to showcase it. 

english factory lace blouse

I’ve long admired this English Factory Lace Blouse on Shelby over at Glitter & Gingham—she’s had it for a few years now, and though it has often been in my Shopbop cart, I never pulled the trigger until recently. I am so glad I did—the lace is beautifully and because it’s a swing-y top, it has a lot of beautiful motion. I’ve been pairing it with white jeans, like I styled here, for brunches and weekend plans, but it also looks great with black jeans, colorful jeans, and with skirts in some instances. Because it’s pretty see-through, I usually wear my white cami underneath it, but it also looks cute with a bralette for going out.

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know I am a big fan of Old Navy—you have to dig a bit to find the right pieces, but they have a lot of gems. One area I think they really shine is shoes, especially their block heels. They are the perfect height you can wear them all day, all night, or to a wedding without wanting to take them off, and take virtually no time to break in. They’re on the cheaper side, too—about $25 a pair, and I usually wear mine for a couple of seasons before I’ve walked through them. I seriously can’t recommend them enough! These Old Navy Strappy Block Heel Sandals are my fifth pair, and probably won’t be my last.

english factory lace blouse

english factory lace blouse

English Factory Lace Blouse
Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny White Jeans
Baublebar Daniya Resin Hoop Earrings
Old Navy Strappy Block Heel Sandals
Forever 21 Clutch, old


Photos by Kimberly Graydon

english factory lace blouse

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