Dinner Club: Eaton

Happy weekend! I hope everyone is having a good one. I slept in until noon today—something I probably haven’t done in years! I didn’t set an alarm, and it was so glorious. Usually, I get up by 10 or so on the weekends, but I didn’t get much sleep this past week, so wanted to indulge and be as rested as I could be. Sometimes it feels good to slow things down and just have a lazy day, which is exactly what I am doing today.

One place I’ve been enjoying exploring lately is the new-ish Eaton Workshop, a hotel + co-working space on K Street near McPherson Square, so I wanted to write a short dinner club post on it today. My first time at the hotel was for a Creative Mornings panel back in the fall. (As an aside, if you’re unfamiliar with Creative Mornings, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s a global organization that puts on a breakfast lecture series for creative types. There are chapters in many cities, and the DC one is super active. I try to attend as often as I can!) While I was there, we popped into their coffee shop, Kintsugi, located on the first floor right off the lobby. If you work from home or are in need of a cool space to hunker down while working from home or on a trip, it’s a great mid-century modern space.

eaton workshop allegory review

eaton workshop allegory review

Right after the holidays, I went back to Eaton again, but that time, I checked out Allegory, which is by far my favorite place for food + drink at Eaton. It’s a speakeasy located right off their lobby library. When you’re facing the fireplace, you enter via the door on the right. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d have no idea a dimly lit cocktail bar is right there! The decor is really cool—as I mentioned, it’s fairly dark in there, but then DC-based artist Erik Thor Sandberg has painted a thought-provoking mural that tells the story of Ruby Bridges in the Spirit of Alice in Wonderland.

If you’re a cocktail connoisseur or love it when a bartender can craft a custom cocktail for you based on your preferences, you’ll love Allegory. I kept things simple and enjoyed a margarita, which was made with fresh lime juice and served with a large cocktail ice cube—it felt really fancy! Allegory would be the perfect date-night spot or a great place to catch up with an old friend. I probably wouldn’t go here with a group larger than three or four.

eaton workshop allegory review

Last week, Kristyn and I met up for a much-needed happy hour date. We went to Wild Days, which is the rooftop bar at Eaton—it’s the perfect spot to add to your DC bucket list now that the days are getting warmer and longer! While they have a large inside area, we sat outside. Though there were space heaters lining the rooftop, they couldn’t get them to work, so our waitress brought us blankets that had been warmed up by sitting near their large fire pit. Their food menu is pretty limited to tacos and guac, but y’all know that’s my favorite food, so I’m not complaining! They also double as a music venue, and you can check out their lineup here.

It’s worth noting when Kristyn and I went, service was really slow and our waitress was pretty rude to us when we asked for water—so I probably wouldn’t head to Wild Days if you’re in a rush. Overall though, I liked it and will definitely be back later this spring or summer!

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