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Do You Still Use Pinterest?

I’ll be the first to admit it—I have probably spent all of 30 minutes on Pinterest in the last year, and it was probably to plan my best friend’s bachelorette party in Nashville last summer. (Simpler times, y’all, simpler times.) I know it could be such a great tool to promote my blog content, and I used to be very active—but as my day job has gotten busier over the years, certain things had to be let go, and Pinterest was one of them.

I feel like I’ve been turning to new things the past few weeks in quarantine, and I recently have been browsing Pinterest—not looking for anything specific, not to do any blog work, just to look at pretty images and day dream a little bit.

So today, I just wanted to share a few images that inspired me and provided me a little escape from these crazy times. I hope you enjoy! x

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  1. I love every single picture here! It’s a great idea to use Pinterest as a mood board. I still use it occasionally, but more as a search engine. And it’s still a huge blog traffic driver for me!

    Published 5.19.20
  2. I feel like Pinterest was definitely a bigger deal a few years ago. I use it less now–it’s actually the only platform where I’ve seen a growth in my following. My Instagram and YouTube channel have been pretty stagnant for the past couple years, but I’ve seen fairly rapid growth on my Pinterest account so I keep using it to promote my other content and I’ve actually had quite a few people follow my Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel simply because they found me on Pinterest. I’ve definitely been using it more since we’re stuck at home with nothing to do!!

    xo, brooke

    Published 5.20.20