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DIY // Magazine Picture Frames

A few weeks ago, I shared my DIY Jewelry Frame project, and today as a follow up, I am sharing how I make my own DIY magazine picture frames. When I realized in high school I could combine my love of mod podge and magazines, I knew I was onto something, and have been making these custom frames ever since. These are perfect for the high school or college gal who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on decor, but wants something girly and fun. They also make great gifts—for instance, I made my friend Abbi one with advertisements from her hometown of Virginia Beach. And if you’re not into frames, I have also modge podged magazines onto wood jewelry boxes, which add a bit of flair to any dresser.

Supplies //
4×6″ Wood Picture Frame
Foam Brush
Mod Podge (I use Matte, but feel free to mix it up with Satin!)
4 Magazine Pages, cut to the size of the sides of your frame

Directions //

1. Select your four magazine pages. I usually pull every page I like and then lay them out to see which ones pair well together. Keep in mind, depending on the size of your frame, you really only need a sliver of the whole page, so look for details as opposed to big picture. I focus on neon colors, bright sold colors, makeup samples, and textures when I am searching.

Here are the eight pages I ripped out of Cosmo and Glamour for the center frame above, along with some rationale behind why I chose them:

2. Once you have your selections, measure the length and height of the rectangle that makes up the longer side of the frame. Then, cut a magazine strip to this size for both taller sides. I always cut the piece a little larger than necessary so that it covers the edges of the frame as well.

3. Repeat step number two for the shorter sides of the frame.

4. Place your magazine stripes on the frame and decide how you want to interweave the pieces. I usually put the strips with word on the topmost layer, while the ones with solid colors I place towards the bottom. Thinking through everything before you glue will ensure the elements you want to stand out won’t accidentally be covered up.

5. Mod podge all four strips to the frame using the foam brush, starting with the strip that is on the bottom most layer and working your way up. I usually do two coats, letting the mod podge dry completely between each coat so the ink from the pages doesn’t smear.

6. Let dry, and enjoy!

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  1. Jen Urban wrote:

    Love these frames, Katie! I’ll have to make a few of these to put in my room this year!

    Published 8.21.14
  2. Maggie wrote:

    These are awesome!! I love all of the instructions and clear pictures! It definitely seems doable, so I will just have to give it a try!


    Published 8.21.14
    • Thanks Maggie! It means a lot you commented on the clear pictures, that is something I have been working on lately! :). Let me know if you have any questions if you attempt.

      Published 8.21.14
  3. Nicole wrote:

    This is such a unique idea! Perfect for a gallery wall or a desk! I need to try this out ASAP!

    xo ClassToCloset

    Published 8.21.14
    • I love the idea of making a gallery wall with these! They are currently on my desk, but so fun no matter where they are!

      Published 8.21.14