Christmas Decor 2022

Merry Christmas! I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. My family and I had an amazing Christmas, and now I am back at my apartment in Arlington enjoying the lazy days between Christmas and the New Year. Usually, I am in a rush to get my holiday decor down right after Christmas, but this year, I am really trying to soak up the season and decided to leave my decor up until I return from NYC, where I am ringing in 2023 with my best friend, Emma.

Before I deep clean my apartment in January to start the new year in a clean + refreshed space, I wanted to share a look at my Christmas decor from this year! This year, I really wanted to add some festive touches to my home without overdoing it. Since I work from home most days, my space really impacts my productivity — when my house is cluttered, it is much harder for me to focus on the tasks at hand. The other thing I wanted to be conscious of this holiday season was using what I already had or investing in things that I knew I could use for Christmases to come. A simple walk into any Home Goods underscores just how much waste there is this time of year, and so anything I bring into my home — especially during the holidays! — has to be something that I truly love and can see myself using year after year.

That all being said, without further ado, here’s a look at my 2022 holiday decor!


Over the last few years, I have started collecting vintage and vintage-inspired glass ornaments — I love how beautiful, colorful, and unique these kind of ornaments are. In addition to hanging them on my tree, this year, I displayed two of my favorites on my coffee table underneath a bed of mini pink glass ball Christmas ornaments I found at Target.


About six months ago, I invested in a beautiful rattan chippendale bookshelf and I have had so much fun styling it! I will do a full post soon once the styling is complete, but consider this a little preview. I kept things super simple on this shelf and added two mercury glass Christmas trees I picked up at Luckett’s this year — I’ve linked to similar ones below. The vintage brass swan was also a Luckett’s find, and while I plan to keep it on display year-round, it does feel rather seasonal given the classic Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas.


When I lived in Arlington from 2013 to 2017, I had a large, faux Christmas tree — I loved it! But, when I moved to my Dupont Circle Studio in 2018, however, there was absolutely no room for said Christmas tree, so I donated it. When I moved back to Arlington during the pandemic, I opted to keep things simple and got tabletop Christmas tree in 2020. Last year, I was dealing with a lot of work stress, and the tabletop tree was all I really had the energy for — but for $20, you can’t beat it!

This year, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a taller tree or go the tabletop tree route again, but then while I was home for Thanksgiving, my mom convinced me that I should get a faux pre-lit tree again, and I am so glad she did! It has brought me so much joy throughout this holiday season. This year, I kept it really simple and just hung a bunch of my aforementioned glass ornaments on it, but next year, I’d love to incorporate ribbon or garland of some sort.

I purchased this 7.5′ Pre-Lit Christmas Tree (it’s currently on sale!) and am really happy with it. When it arrived, one of the strands of lights was broken, and the company sent me a whole new replacement tree for free. It definitely took an hour or two of me fluffing it up to make it look great, but it was well worth it, especially for the sub-$200 price. And, I just purchased this tree storage bag to keep it in the rest of the year. I also grabbed a Christmas Tree Collar (this is also on super sale right now!) — an alternative to the traditional tree skirt — and absolutely love the look. Plus, it hides the faux Christmas tree base really well.

And — leaving you with one of my favorite little vignettes on the buffet that sits in my living room — the brass candlesticks belonged to my grandmother and the cute candle toppers my mom gave me from her collection last year, along with the beautiful crystal Christmas tree. You all know that I especially cherish family heirlooms like these, and I am glad these pieces have made their way into my Christmas collection.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! — XO 

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