Botanical Print Gallery Wall

Last month, I celebrated my one year anniversary at my apartment here in Arlington! I love my apartment—and that’s probably a great thing, given I am still working from home, so I spend a lot of time here. Over the last year, I’ve slowly added new furniture and art and the place has really started to come together. (You can see all my home decor posts here!) I’m not sure if your home is ever finished, but I have a few more big pieces I want to invest in—like a new bed frame—and then I think it will feel pretty darn close.

A few months ago, I stumbled across some beautiful framed botanical prints on One Kings Lane that I thought would be beautiful as a gallery wall behind my television. I ordered them, and when they arrived the following week, they showed up in these horrendous silver frames. (The ones I had seen online were in beautiful antique gold frames.) Turns out, the vendor One Kings Lane was drop shipping from changed their frames and One Kings Lane hadn’t updated their website yet. It was definitely a bit of a bummer at the time, but it ended up working out for the best, I think. For one, the One Kings Lane framed botanical prints included a light green mat, so scale-wise, I think they would have been too big to hang around my television in the gallery wall I had envisioned. For another, I ended up saving about $265 as I was able to order the prints directly and frame them myself.

You see, when I have a vision, I don’t give up on executing it—and it took me just a few minutes to find the four Nathaniel Wallich botanical prints I wanted online here, here, here, and here for $23 each. I then was able to find these 12×16″ gold frames on Amazon that I think are beautiful, so I was able to save on custom framing. This particular frame is also sold in a one-pack and a two-pack and are great quality for the price—they do have a cardboard backing, but the visible part of the frame feels very lux.

Because hanging these frames around my television like I had envisioned required math and precision, I called in the big guns for help—my dad! He came over and helped me measure out and hang these, plus it was nice to have two people for this job to make sure everything looked even and was well positioned in relation to the television.

I am so happy with how they turned out—I love that they add a pop of color to my living room and some additional visual interest. Another project checked off the list!

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