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The Best Thing I Bought in 2016

Today’s topic is a fun one!

I’m linking up with other lifestyle and fashion bloggers to share our best purchases of 2016. I am so excited to see what everyone else chose as their favorite item because it’s always nice to have a reliable stamp of approval before you buy something, you know?

(Anyone else stalk online reviews before making a purchase? 3 stars you say? Hard pass.)

You can find everyone else’s picks at the bottom of this post, but before we get to that, I wanted to share mine—a Sonix case for my iPhone.

best purchases of 2016

Though I managed to keep an iPhone 3 alive for four and a half years without nary a cracked screen, it seems after that streak, my luck has gone down hill. In the past two years, my screen has cracked three times and I dropped my phone so hard once the camera broke.

While some of these accidents can be attributed to user error and my lack of hand-eye coordination (have I ever told you about the time I broke my foot in college texting and walking?), at least two of these trips to the Genius Bar were because my phone case was more decorative than protective. A final fall in November ultimately lead me to a new iPhone 7.

But, I resolved this go around that I wanted to get a better case so that—A) I won’t have to choke up $129 once a year to buy a new screen, and B) I won’t have to buy a brand new phone every two years.

I actually discovered Sonix cases on a whim because I purchased the above Christmas tree case at Nordstrom with a gift card I had—aka, it was the holiday season and a free-to-me case was about all I could swing.

Best impulse buy ever! 

Sonix cases are usually transparent, so the color from the back of your iPhone shows through. In addition, the cases are super easy to put on and take off and are a sturdy, thick plastic which is enough to protect your phone from spills, but aren’t so bulky you feel like you’re detracting from the sleek design. I think the lip on the face of the phone has saved my screen on multiple occasions. And, they are only $35—super affordable and way cheaper than a new screen or new phone!


So, enough about my Sonix phone case obsession. I’d love to know what you’re best purchase of 2016 is and be sure to check out everyone else’s favorite products from the last year below!

best purchases of 2016

And, here’s the full list of everyone’s favorite product from 2016!

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    I love having a transparent back case- especially when I had the rose gold phone. Now that I have boring silver (my thriftiness couldn’t pass up a great deal on a refurbed one), these add a little something fun!
    Oh My Nosh Nutrition and Wellness

    Published 1.26.17
    • Katie wrote:

      Yes! I had a silver phone up until now but these transparent ones look so cute on those, too! x

      Published 2.7.17
  2. What a fun link up! Love your phone case.

    Xx Taylor

    Published 1.28.17