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The Best Laid Plans

Happy hump day y’all! How is your week going so far?

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that a blog redesign was coming later this week? Yeah. I spoke too soon.

Long story short, the designer I was working with and I decided we probably weren’t the best fit after all, and parted ways. (It was definitely more amicable than I’m sure the Brangelina divorce was.)

So now I feel like I’m back at square one. Even though I’m really not since I’ve thought a lot over the past few weeks about the functionality and elements I want in a new site. And I know I’ll find someone who is able to help me fulfill the vision floating around in my head. But it still feels like a failure in the moment.

It never feels good when you can’t make a professional relationship work with someone. And it never feels good when you do a lot of work on a project and then it doesn’t come to fruition.

I wanted to share this with y’all though—not just because I had to since you’d figure it out on Monday when you came back for a new post, ha—because sometimes I think when you read blogs you don’t really see the imperfect, raw, and real side of things. Because it’s vulnerable and a tad scary to put out on the Internet that your expectations didn’t quite come to reality. I know, I know—a blog design falling through really isn’t a true failure, and is probably actually a blessing in disguise. But it is kind of embarrassing that I had been talking a lot about this redesign and now it’s not happening. And it does suck when you had a vision in your head of your new blog, and then an afternoon email chain on idle Tuesday kills that. You know?

That all being said, I’m not one to quit on my goals or give up after one try. And to be honest, this is probably a sign from the universe that I should focus more on my grad school capstone project.

So, thanks for bearing with me through all this and look forward to a few more new posts this week now that I have some unexpected (and welcome) free time. Have to figure out a way to procrastinate that capstone project, ya know. 😉

(And shameless plug, if you know any good WordPress blog designers, send ’em my way!)

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  1. Such a great post-thanks for being open! I’ve been thinking about changing my blog design .logo as well and don’t even know where to begin!! Any tips?
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 9.22.16
  2. Rachel wrote:

    What a bummer 🙁 Sorry to hear the design’s not going to work out just yet. I hope you’re able to find someone soon! I think it’ll be more fun to work on once you’re all finished with school stuff too!

    Published 9.25.16