I (Finally) Bought a Desk!

I’ve slowly but surely been adding new things—and rearranging others—in my Arlington apartment that I’ve lived in for just over two months now. Other than my counter stools, getting a desk was high on my priority list. I’ve been working from home since March and they’ve already announced we’ll be working from home through the end of March next year. I’ve pretty much been working on my couch the last nine months, and while it is definitely comfortable, I think having a more dedicated work space will really help with motivation and separating my work and home life.

If you’ve been in the market for a desk since the pandemic started, you know that they can be really hard to come by and often have wait times. This summer, my friend Jackie bought the Ballard Designs Margaret Desk, and I loved the look of it so much. When I started measuring the space for my desk, I was so excited to realize the Margaret Desk fit perfectly—it was meant to be! I placed my order on October 30 and it arrived on November 28, a few days earlier than the expected December 4 delivery date. While the price online tends to vary between $425-500, I was able to stack a few coupons and purchase it for under $300, so definitely wait until you can find a deal!

The desk comes well packaged and requires minimal assembly—I was able to do it by myself without any assistance. Basically, you just have to screw the legs on to the main part of a desk, and they provide the bolts and an Allen wrench. Took about 20-25 minutes and was super simple.

Ballard Designs Margaret desk review


Once I purchased a desk, I knew I wanted to find a cute desk chair. I looked into getting the Society Social Duchess Chair, but the arms would barely fit under the desk, which was a must for me given I have such limited space. Since my beloved green dresser is now in my bedroom, I knew I wanted to bring some more green back into my main living area. When I came across this beautiful green velvet chair, I was obsessed and am glad it looks just as good in person as it does online. It was super easy to assemble—you just have to screw the legs on—and it’s really sturdy. I’ve only sat in it one business day so far, but it was really comfortable—hopefully that holds up!

My pineapple lamp and Britt Bass art print add the perfect finishing touches to my desk space. (The Asian prints are paintings from Vietnam that were my grandparents—they’re one of my most cherished possessions.) I’m going to hang the art on the wall and style the desk a bit more, I just haven’t gotten around to it and couldn’t wait to show you. I’m still looking forward to going back to the office one day, but for now, I’ll enjoy my little home office corner.

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