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A Few Small Updates Around My Apartment

Happy Monday, friends! If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have already seen this post, where I shared a few small updates I’ve made around my apartment lately. I wanted to talk a little bit about those updates here, as I love having a record of my apartments over the years—and because I know some people who read here don’t follow my Instagram, too.

To back things up a little bit, I recently splurged on patio furniture—I purchased two sets of these patio chairs from Target! I am so excited to get my outdoor space all decorated so I can enjoy as much time as possible outside this spring and summer. I decided to invest in furniture given my balcony is fully covered and protected from the elements, so I knew whatever I purchased will be well positioned to last me a long time. I’ll share some photos as soon as I get everything set up, but wanted to go ahead and let you know what I ended up buying given patio furniture sells out FAST! (I actually found these chairs last season, but by the time I decided to move and knew I had a balcony, they had sold out. I haven’t used them yet, but am really impressed with the quality, so I expect they will go fast again this year, too.)

Given my patio chairs were on the pricier side, I am pulling back from apartment decor projects for a few months to save up for the next “big” thing—I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for a tax refund, hah! (I’d love to get a new mattress and bed frame; I currently have a Full but really want to upgrade to a Queen size.) In the interim, though, I’ve still be doing a few small projects here and there. I’m still working from home, and will be through at least Labor Day, so I spend a lot of time here! That means I have lots of time to day dream about what pieces I want to bring into my space.

As such, I wanted to share three small updates I’ve made around my apartment lately:

01. Adding My Grandma’s Brass Candlesticks

I recently told my Mom that I was in the market for some candlesticks—I really wanted a pair to put on my Vintage Dixie Aloha Faux Bamboo Dresser, which serves as a credenza under my TV in my main living area. My Grandma learned about my hunt for the perfect candlesticks and let me know she actually had a pair in her guest room she wasn’t using anymore. I jumped at the opportunity to have them! I love collecting pieces that have meaning to me, especially if they are part of my family history.

I really wanted light blue candles for them, and looked around several stores—Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond—and couldn’t find any in stock. So I grabbed these light blue candlesticks on Amazon for $15 and am really happy with them; the color is beautiful! The candles were slightly too small for the candlesticks, so I just shoved a cotton ball in the bottom to fill the space so they stand upright and it has been a good fix.

I love how they go with my jar of faux lemons and limes; the jar itself is an old find from Home Goods and rests on a stack of Assouline “In the Spirit Of” books.

02. Adding a Pineapple Lamp & Book Stack to My Green DresserMy vintage green lacquer dresser now lives in my bedroom—in my Dupont studio it lived in the main living area. The stack of Assouline “In the Spirit Of” books that used to live on my green dresser now live on my white dresser, and the pineapple lamp is now on my new desk. As such, my green dresser was feeling kind of empty and in need of some love.

I looked around for a lamp for this dresser for a while, but just kept coming back to how much I loved the pineapple lamp on it, so I ended up buying a second pineapple lamp from Target. In the long run, I think it will be really nice to have a pair of these lamps—the light they produce is so beautiful because the inside of the lamp shade is gold.

To add some height to the lamp, I added a small stack of books—Patterns of India by Christine Chitnis and Living with Pattern by Rebecca Atwood. Both are $30 or under and make for beautiful coffee table books. I’d love to add a third book to this stack, I just haven’t decided what the right book is yet!

Since my green dresser is one-of-a-kind, you can’t get the exact one, but the Etsy Shop I purchased it from has the exact same model in stock! The color I had it lacquered in is Benjamin Moore’s Seaweed, and you can view all my tips for buying vintage furniture online here.

03. Adding a Vintage Citrus Print in My Kitchen

I love having artwork leaning up against the back splash in my kitchen—know this probably isn’t for everyone, but y’all know, I don’t cook a ton, so it’s never been a problem for me. I really wanted to bring in more color to my kitchen and I have been eying vintage floral and fruit prints lately. When I stumbled across this vintage citrus print from Lindsay Letters—they targeted me via Instagram ad!—I knew it was perfect. I bought the 11×14 art print and framed it up in this cheap white frame from Amazon. I personally don’t spend money on custom framing if I want a white frame since they pretty much sell every size online. The white frame I bought is great and I’d recommend it if you’re in the market for one.

My marble utensil holder can be found here, the whisks can be found here, and the wooden spoon and spatula are both from Target, but I can’t find the exact ones online.


That’s a little look inside my apartment as of late—I am excited what how it’s coming along!

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    I have been loving following along with your new apartment progress! Your decor style is so gorgeous. I love the new pineapple lamp! 🙂

    xoxo A

    Published 3.9.21
    • Katie wrote:

      Thank you so much – it’s been so fun to decorate this space! x

      Published 6.6.21