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8 Apartment Decor Finds I’m Loving Right Now

Happy Wednesday, friends!

In the quick survey I did about a month ago—it’s still live if you want to take it!—I asked everyone what kinds of posts they want to see more of. A LOT of you asked for more apartment decor ideas and for an apartment tour. I was so happy to see these results, as decorating my apartment is something I take great pride in and I’ve long loved interior design—even if it’s just making the best of a small two bed, one bath apartment.

My apartment decor has evolved a lot over the years. In college, I was really into making my own picture frames and fashioning Target finds into a cute, shabby chic space. When I graduated and moved into my first “real” apartment, I took most of those pieces with me, but slowly replaced most of them overtime—especially in my living room—to take my apartment from college to real-person-with-a-salary. I swapped out dark wood end tables for white ones, a plastic television stand for a white, mirrored door one, and found high-quality, on-trend lamps to replace those dreaded octopus lamps. (You know the ones.)

Over the next year, I really want to replace some of my bedroom furniture. While I love my desk, the drawers are broken, making it pretty impractical, and several of my dresser drawers no longer properly stay on the tracks, making them hard to open and close. This is to be expected after heavy wear for five years on Target-quality furniture, and they’ve served me well—it’s just time to think about replacing them. I’m in the process of saving up and figuring out if I want to keep all black furniture or try something else.

So while I know shopping round up posts aren’t everyone’s favorites, I really, truly have been scoping apartment decor for my room lately, so I thought I’d share 8 apartment affordable decor ideas I’m loving right now. I also promise to get you a full apartment tour at a later date—I don’t have a wide angle lens, so it’ll take some planning on my part! And, if there’s anything else apartment-decor related you want to talk about, let me know in the comments below.

How cute is this flamingo laundry hamper? The description says its for a nursery, but personally, I think this would be an upgrade on my current one from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

One of my favorite pieces is my room is a framed piece of the Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper. As such, it should be no surprise I love these palm leaf pillows.

For smaller accents, I am obsessed with these elephant bookends. Elephants in many cultures are a symbol of luck, have matriarchal tribes, and mourn the loss of other elephants—truly beautiful creatures. Not to mention, in a gold finish, these are just downright cute. I also love this pineapple lamp and think it’d look great on a nightstand. And, if you’re looking to upgrade any photo frames, these Kate Spade gold frames are super cute and any photo would look great in them.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get rid of my current floor length mirror since it makes you look 20 pounds thinner than you are, but I love this full length antique gold mirror as a decorative piece or for a hallway. And if you’re looking for some other wall decor, how stunning is this Navy Geo print?

I’m always looking for new decor pieces, so let me know if you have any recent favorites! x

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  1. Kate wrote:

    Loving those palm print pillows! I actually bought outdoor palm print ones but I use them in our living room to give our white couch a much needed pop of color. And how cute is that pineapple lamp? My daughter is redoing her room and that lamp would be perfect on her night side table! Thanks for the inspo!

    Taffeta & Tulips

    Published 3.8.17
    • Katie wrote:

      Thanks so much Kate! That lamp would look amazing in your daughter’s room! She has great taste ;]

      Published 3.9.17
  2. Rachel wrote:

    That laundry hamper is adorable! I think I also need those elephant bookends in my life!

    Published 3.19.17