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2017 Reader Survey Results

Don’t y’all love a short week?!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. A little over a month ago, I asked for feedback on A Touch of Teal via my annual reader survey. As promised, I wanted to share some insights and trends from your responses because I think posts like these are really fun to put together—and hopefully, interesting for you to read.

I want to thank everyone that took the time to give their feedback. Your comments and suggestions are always so helpful because I want to keep writing a blog that you love to read. If you didn’t get a chance to take the survey and still want to, I left it open here.

(PS—you can see my 2015 survey results here and my 2016 survey results here.)

While in the past, I’ve made graphics and charts in these survey results, today I am just going to pull out a four main themes from your feedback:

01. Post frequency is good, but you want more consistency.

Yay! I am happy that a lot of you really like that I favor quality over quantity and feel as though the amount of posts I’m creating is just the right amount. Several of you did ask for a more consistent posting schedule—i.e. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As much as I would love to be able to commit to that, I think for me, it isn’t realistic at this time. Instead of being beholden to a schedule, I like to be able to write posts when I have free time during the week, and get them to you to read as soon as possible. I will, however, keep this in mind and maybe try to see if I can develop a more consistent posting schedule that also works well for my workflow.

02. People enjoy reading link love, wear-to-work, on my nightstand, and personal posts more than anything.

These were exciting results to me because these are my favorite kind of posts to write!

A lot of you mentioned you don’t like to see outfit posts from any blogger, and I understand because those types of posts often don’t have the same “meat” in terms of content as other posts. I always try to still write a strong narrative with those posts, and since so many of you like the wear-to-work posts more than general outfit posts, I will try to show you more of my work wardrobe when shooting looks. Several of you have also asked for more sizing information, so I’ve tried to incorporate that a bit more into my posts—but always feel free to email me any sizing questions! It’s a lot easier to give you the true size I’m wearing sometimes than blasting it on the internet. Overall, I understand a lot of you aren’t coming to my blog for outfit posts, so I’ll keep that in mind when creating a mix of content.

As far as personal posts go, I completely understand why these are a fan favorite, as these are my favorite posts to read on other blogs! Plus, I think those posts really help you to get to know me. I will definitely continue to do these, but one topic I probably won’t be covering—even though it was highly requested—is my dating life. I’m single, but I like to keep my personal life off the Internet to an extent—it’s weird when your dates can Google you and find 500+ posts you authored. So, I’ll let you know if anything major changes ;].

03. Y’all had some great ideas for specific posts.

Some posts that were asked for in my survey I’ve since posted or included within a larger post—a Learnvest update, how I met my group of friends in DC, an update on my Etsy shop.

Some other posts I want to write based on your feedback include how I plan trips, how I balance all my commitments, an apartment tour once I move—as well as more decor posts in general, and more DC/Arlington recommendations. I also want to continue to write blogging-related posts, though I know this isn’t as relatable for some, and maybe will do some DIYs again once I move into my new place. Like my blog, I’ve evolved, and I don’t do as much DIYs as I used to, but I know these were pretty popular.

04. A lot of you follow me on Instagram. Yay!

I was surprised to see how many of you found me on Instagram and follow along with my stories and posts! A lot of you specifically mentioned that you liked my day-in-the-life Instagram story, so I will try to do those every now and then. One of you also pointed out that I often say I will let y’all know how I like a product and then don’t follow up—such a great point, so I will be more conscious of that in the future. And lastly on Instagram stories, I chuckled when someone pointed out I often only show half of my face when talking to the camera because I used to send my friends “half-face” selfies all the time on Snapchat. It’s mostly an insecurity thing since my face isn’t symmetrical—though, I guess who really has a symmetrical face—so I’ve been trying to be better about it when talking to the camera.


Those were the big takeaways I took from all your feedback, which I SO appreciate. I also want to thank anyone who complimented my site design or photography. I definitely want to redesign my blog within the next year, but personally like traditional blog design and sites where it’s easy to find and read content—and it seems you do, too, so I will keep that in mind.

If you ever have any feedback, questions, or concerns, don’t be a stranger! Email me: katie@atouchofteal.com.

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  1. Kris wrote:

    It’s so good you do these analyses!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx, Kris

    Published 7.6.17
  2. I love taking in all of my reader’s opinions. You’ve actually encouraged me to break out a new reader survey soon! I love how you interpret yours and turn it into content!

    Xx Taylor

    Published 7.6.17
    • Katie wrote:

      Thanks so much, Taylor! x

      Published 7.15.17