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A Few Random Thoughts on Blogging

My goal was to have my Old Town Alexandria travel guide up live for you guys today, but since I was out of town at a wedding in Richmond this weekend (and had an amazing time!), I ran out of time to edit the photos and pull together all the content. So I tabled that idea until next weekend, and thought about what else I might be able to write about this week.

Truthfully, there are some times of the year where content comes really easily. I’ve always found these first few weeks after summer is over to be a bit of a struggle. I usually move apartments around this time of year, and that definitely takes up a lot of my free time and mental space. Then, once the physical move is over, it’s always my priority to get settled as soon as possible. A cluttered space really clutters my mind, so I like to get back in my routine sans moving boxes as soon as possible. On top of that, it’s always a busier season at my day job, I typically travel less (meaning a dip in content in that vertical I have to substitute with other topics), and I’m usually just physically tired after a fun summer spent in the sun. What I’m left with is less headspace to come up with creative ideas and less time to execute on them in a way that’s up to my standards.

Lately, I’ve been in somewhat of a creative rut, and when my time is so limited—especially my time at the end of the day to decompress—blogging is the first thing to go. Sometimes I just want to sit on my couch and watch tv or read my book or bake cookies without feeling tied to my computer. I do really love blogging, and have no plans to quit anytime soon. I think I’m really close to turning the corner and pulling myself out of this creative rut because of a few thoughts that I had after a conversation with my friend Alyssa on our car ride to Richmond this weekend. I met Alyssa in spin class—she was the instructor, and I rode her classes every Monday/Wednesday after work. We were talking about class, specifically, how we stay motivated to continue going week after week and making our best effort while we’re on the bikes. We came to the conclusion that you have to remember why you started in the first place—and I think that concept holds true in my blogging life, too. Read more “A Few Random Thoughts on Blogging”


Hello from Dupont Circle!

What’s up, squad! I’ve been MIA because I moved to Dupont Circle in Washington, DC last weekend. I pretty much packed up my whole apartment Labor Day Weekend, and then last Thursday, loaded up my car with my clothes and a few items that were too delicate to have the movers move for me. I left work a little bit early on Friday to pick up my keys (the picture above is the first one I took of my new place!), carried that load into my apartment (which took so many trips—what a workout!), made a Target run, and then took another load over to the new place. After that, I called it a night and got ready for the big day!

When I toured the apartment back in July, I was surprised because the leasing team showed me the unit that I was actually going to be leasing, which hasn’t been typical of past tours—they usually just show me the model. The person who lived in my apartment prior kept a very dirty and messy apartment (the white sink had turned a rust color), so I was a bit nervous the apartment wasn’t going to be delivered to me in the condition of the model unit. When I got my keys, the apartment was so clean it could have been brand new. That was such a big sigh of relief! Read more “Hello from Dupont Circle!”

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Life Lately

Happy Tuesday, friends! One of the best parts about a week after a holiday weekend is that it’s a short workweek! My Labor Day Weekend was good. I mostly hung out around my apartment and packed up for my move this coming weekend—more on the below. On Saturday night, I grabbed margs with my Dad and sister, which was really fun, and on Sunday, I went wine tasting with my sister, my best friend Hilary, and Hilary’s sister Erica at Quattro Goombas Winery and Dry Mill Vineyards. We posted up at the latter for several hours enjoying their signature wine slushies.

I’m in denial that summer is winding down, but I guess one of the things that makes it so magical is that it is fleeting. I was able to make some great memories this summer “on the road” in Key West, Charleston, Newport, and Cape Cod, and at home at fun happy hours, by the pool, seeing Hamilton, attending Diner en Blanc, and crossing quite a few restaurants off my DC bucket list. It was a great several months, and I’ll be savoring the warm days for as long as they choose to hang around.


EEK—the day is almost here! I move to Dupont Circle this weekend and I am really excited for this next adventure. My friend gave me the tip that liquor stores give away boxes for free, so I went by after work on Friday and picked up a ton. I spent the majority of the weekend when I was home packing, and only have a few things I use on a daily basis left to box up. I pick my keys up on Friday after work and plan to move a few of my more delicate things over then. My movers arrive bright and early on Saturday morning to do the rest of the hard work!

This is my third move in as many years, so I feel like I have moving down to a science at this point, and generally speaking, have not been as stressed out about this move as past moves. But, when I started packing up all my things and living in a sea of boxes, I think reality hit and a bit of stress set in. I’m excited to have the physical move behind me and get all set up in the new place. I’m a little bit anxious about how all my furniture is going to fit since my new place is about half the square footage, but hey, if it doesn’t, that means there’s a fun new design project waiting for me.

As part of prep for the move, I took down the temporary wallpaper in my current apartment yesterday. I was really nervous it was going to rip the paint or otherwise permanently damage the wall, but luckily for me, it came off very easily and only ripped off a few small pieces of paint. Knowing this, I would definitely recommend temporary wallpaper to any renters—or homeowners!—who want to make a big impact on their space without committing to anything permanent. I’m considering putting up temporary wallpaper again in my new place, but I want to live in the space for a while and see which wall I think might be best for that treatment.
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