Memorial Day Weekend in Ocean City, Maryland

Last weekend, my sister, Jennifer, and I spent the unofficial kickoff to summer, Memorial Day Weekend, in Ocean City, Maryland and had the best time. I wanted to share a short recap of our trip — much of what we did was the same as back in 2022, when we also found ourselves in OCMD for MDW, but we did try some new-to-us places we ended up loving so wanted to share!

Before our trip, I grabbed the gingham skort I’m wearing in the picture above at Old Navy and I am loving it for summer! It comes in several different colors and patterns, and runs true to size. I just paired it with a simple white tank I got at Target and these neutral slide sandals, also from Target!

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96 Hours on 30A

In early May, I attended a bachelorette party on 30A and it was the absolute best time. For those unfamiliar, 30A is a county road in Walton County, Florida, and off of it are 16 charming seaside towns —  including Rosemary, Seacrest, Alys, Seaside, and Watercolor. This part of Florida’s Emerald Coast was definitely more of a hidden gem to those outside of the South until recent years when it has blown up in popularity on a national scale because of social media. I’ve long wanted to visit — and it was just as beautiful in person as the photos make it out to be.

During peak season, I’ve heard that 30A is extremely crowded — so I feel like early May, when we went, was the perfect time to visit. It was after the spring break rush and before the end of the school year, so while restaurants and shops were open, we didn’t have a problem (or waits!) getting in anywhere we wanted to go. And, the weather was great – it was in the 80s and sunny the entire time we were in town. One person we overheard describing 30A this time of year said it was “all chic bachelorette parties and chill grandmas” and I couldn’t agree more. The vibes were immaculate!

One thing to note before you head to 30A — many of the beaches in Walton County are private. This is very different from the beaches where I grew up going to in the Carolinas where there are public access points every lock and you can set up your umbrella wherever you please, even in front of an oceanfront house. This is understandably a very contentious issue, but until things (hopefully!) change, I wanted to share in case you’re planning your own trip to 30A so you can ensure wherever you choose to stay has beach access if that’s of interest. I am not an expert on this topic, so recommend you do your own research before going. (The town-controlled private beaches usually have some sort of access point — for example, in Rosemary, you need an RFID card to open the gates to even get on the beach, and in Seacrest, where we stayed, we had to show wristbands that came with our rental to use the beach access.) There are also public access points throughout the county, but in the summer, they can get really crowded because you aren’t allowed to set up outside of the public beach area — you cannot set up on a private beach owned by a property owner.

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Five Days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In early March, I went on one of my favorite vacations to date — to ‘the last of the Old West,’ Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My friend Emma is a big skier and was heading to Jackson Hole for a girls’ ski trip and graciously invited me along. I’ve been skiing once, in Park City, Utah six winters ago, and it was not for me, so I decided to sit skiing out this time and just enjoy all the town had to offer. (I later learned that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, one of the two mountains in town where you can ski and where Emma had a lift ticket, is not a great place for beginners — so while I am sure I could have conquered ski school, I felt very validated in my decision to stick to a lower elevation!)  There is so much to do in Jackson Hole that even if you don’t ski — or head there in the summer months — I still think you’ll have an amazing time; I know I did!

Wyoming was state number 40 for me (!) and I really enjoyed exploring a place that was so different in geography from what I am used to in my daily life — the snowcapped mountains were stunning and we saw so much wildlife, even staying right in town. I flew into Jackson Hole on a Thursday and came back on a Monday, and it felt like just the right amount of time to do everything I wanted to do — plus leave some room to enjoy recommendations from Uber drivers and bartenders. Getting to Jackson Hole from the East Coast takes some time, so I am glad I took the time off to truly enjoy it.
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