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Stepping Out of My Color Comfort Zone

Happy Monday, team! I usually have a little bit of the Sunday scaries as I think of my week ahead, but with this being a holiday week, I have a feeling things will be a bit slower at work, so I’m really easing right into things. I’ve also been out of town the last three weekends, and since I’m in town for a solid seven days, this time at home also feels like a breather. I head to LA a week from today—the first part of my trip is work-related, but then I took a few days of PTO to enjoy the city since I haven’t ever really spent much time there. I’m spending one night in Santa Monica and one night in West Hollywood—would love any and all recommendations you might have!

I’m keeping things low key for July 4—will probably sleep in, go to a Soul Cycle class, and enjoy the fireworks from my rooftop. I plan to spend a lot of time blogging this week, and in addition to recapping my Quebec City trip, I am so excited to share about my trip to The Homestead this weekend with Monica. We had the best girls’ trip, and I soooo loved my time at their beautiful pool. Right now, I don’t have a beach trip scheduled this summer, so it was nice to enjoy cocktails by their beautiful lazy river and embrace a relaxation vibe. More to come!

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Dinner Club: Maketto

Tomorrow night, my dinner club is heading to our June destination and I realized I never updated you all on where we went in May—Maketto! So, I thought I’d pop back in for an end-of-week post.

Before we dive in, I want to say next week I have a ton of time to blog and I am so excited to return with some new, fresh content! I’ll be sharing a recap of my Quebec City trip I just got back from that was *amazing*, a few updated thoughts on living alone now that it’s been nearly two years (!), a summer outfit I’m loving lately, my June reading list, and a recap of my upcoming trip to The Homestead this weekend.

Whenever I step away from my blog for a little bit, I always come back really inspired. I realized over the last year or so, I’ve lost a lot of the drive I first had when it came to this blog—and part of that is out of necessity because my job is more demanding now, but part of that was out of complacency. And now that I’ve had a bit of a break and brainstormed a ton of ideas I’d really love to get back to a place where my posting is more regular even during the crazier periods of life. It won’t always be possible, but lately I feel like I’ve been blogging a ton in spurts—three posts in one week, nothing the next—and I’d love to try to hit a regular cadence again.

But for now, onto today’s post! For those of you unfamiliar, every month on a Friday night, my friends Julie, Taylor, and I head to a different DC restaurant for a wonderful meal. We rotate who picks the restaurant, and typically go to more special occasion/splurge restaurants. While at Maketto, we actually made a table of all our costs so far, and we typically clock in between $75-110 per person. (Julie is our treasure and always pays for the meal and then splits out what we ordered by person later—she’s the best!) It’s something I look forward to all month long, and I would definitely recommend recreating our model if you’re looking for a fun way to work through your restaurant bucket list!

In May, we went to Maketto on H Street here in DC. I always joke with my friends that Maketto is an upscale Cracker Barrel because there’s a retail shop upfront and a restaurant concept in the back. We went on a beautiful May night and sat in the courtyard between their front building where the store, bar, cafe, and some seating is and the back building, which is where additional seating and the kitchen are. Maketto offers delicious Southeast Asian food and this was my third or fourth time eating there—it’s consistently good!

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Link Love #121

Happy, happy Friday! I am heading to Quebec City, Canada tomorrow with my sisters and could not be more excited. I’ve spent most nights after work this week researching places to eat and drink and things we can explore. I always get more excited about trips when I have time to research ahead of time because it gives me multiple things to look forward to! I can’t wait to share our trip here. I have been to QC once before, but it’s been 15 years, and I am so excited to get back.

Last weekend, I was at my cousin’s wedding in Atlanta, and we had the absolute best time. We flew down on Saturday and got into town in time for the rehearsal dinner. After, my whole family enjoyed a few nightcaps around the fire pit at our hotel. The next day, we grabbed lunch at Landshark at Lake Lanier, and it was truly such a paradise—it was right on the water! I would have never guessed we were outside of Atlanta. The wedding itself was Sunday night and was absolutely stunning, plus they had the best band of any wedding I’ve ever been to. We flew home Monday and I was so bummed it was over! But, as always, nice to sleep in my own bed. Not complaining about the four nights of hotel beds in my immediate future, either, though!

I hope you have a great weekend! x

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