Dinner Club: Iron Gate

Happy Saturday, squad! I know I’ve been over-indexing on dinner club posts lately, but that’s been happening for two reasons—1) I’ve been trying a lot of new restaurants lately that I’ve wanted to share and 2) I’m trying to build out this section of my site so that whether you’re a local or a visitor, you have a library of restaurant ideas to choose from when you’re in need of a suggestion. I’ll plan to update these posts as I make repeat visits and take more photos.

As I mentioned when I first started this series, I was inspired to write these posts by my real life dinner club—each month, Julie, Taylor, and I meet up on a Friday for drinks and dinner at a new-to-us place. We take turns picking the restaurant and it’s been such a fun way to work on my DC restaurant bucket list. It’s a great way to have a monthly standing date with friends—it’s probably the best club I’ve ever been in!

Last Friday, we had our February dinner club meeting at Iron Gate, which is definitely my new favorite restaurant in DC!

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3.1.19 4

Link Love #113

Y’all—how is it March?! January dragged on, but February really seemed to fly. Though I’m sick of the cold weather, I enjoy March for two main reasons—for one, spring forward means it stays lighter longer and I’m not leaving work when it’s pitch dark out! For another, I am a huge college basketball fan and love March Madness. This year, I’ll be working the Final Four with my day job, so that’s going to be a really fun (but hectic!) experience—and definitely a major bucket list item for me.

Today I’m actually coming at you live from New York City! This is my first business trip with my new job, and it’s kind of a full circle moment for me. I stayed at the W Hotel in Union Square last night, which is just a stone’s throw away from where I lived in the NYU dorms when I interned in the city one summer during college. Oh the things I wish my 28-year-old-self could tell me at 21! Normally, I’d extend my trip and stay the weekend in New York, but tomorrow I’m co-hosting an engagement party for one of my best friend’s, so I’m hopping on a train home this afternoon.

Other than that, I’ve got a pretty relaxing weekend and that’s just the way I like it these days! I’m going to hit up Soul Cycle, write some posts for next week, and cuddle up on my couch with a good book. In like a lion and out like a lamb—hope your March gets off to a great start! x

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Dinner Club: Spoken English

Thursday has long been one of my favorite days of the week—in college, it was the unofficial start to the weekend, and now, as a working professional, I’ve found it to be a fun night to meet up with friends after work because if you’re a little groggy the next day, you can easily catch up on sleep over the weekend.

Last Thursday, Jenn and I went to Spoken English at The Line Hotel. In Tokyo, where floor space is often at a premium, there’s been a trend to do away with tables and chairs, and instead stack customers vertically around a bar. They are known as tachinomiya, or standing bars, and Spoken English pays homage to the popular Japanese trend here in DC. The standing-room only restaurant has two tables and accommodates 16 patrons. Because you stand across from your date, I recommend going with just one other person or as a foursome so that you can easily share food. The kitchen is open behind you, and it’s really cool to see all your food being prepared! Two things to note because of the set up—first, since you stand throughout the meal, comfortable shoes are a must, and second, since the kitchen is open, it can become a tad warm, so I recommend dressing in layers.

You’ll definitely need a reservation for this hotspot, which you can grab here!

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