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Life Lately

Happy Monday, friends! How was everyone’s weekend? I thought we would just jump right into it on today’s life lately since the first thing I want to talk about is what I did this weekend:


I took the day off work on Friday—which turned out to be a great idea after the Caps Stanley Cup celebrations!—and headed down to Charlottesville to attend my five-year college reunion. Lauren and I rolled into town around 1pm, checked in at Alumni Hall, and went with Molly over to Boylan Heights for lunch. It’s one of our favorite burger places—you can check out my full guide to Cville here—and it was as good as I remembered it to be! We then headed over to King Family Vineyards for a class of 2013 get together, before checking into the hotel and heading to our class party in the amphitheater. We rounded out the night signing God Bless the USA on the tables at Virg, as is tradition, and eating our favorite late-night sandwiches.

Saturday was packed full with a Bodo’s breakfast, a College of Arts & Sciences luncheon, an impromptu happy hour on the Lawn, and our class of 2013 dinner. A highlight of the day for me was going back to the Sigma Kappa house. Since I am lucky enough to get back to Charlottesville often for both my day job and to visit friends, I still get to see the Lawn and eat my favorite Charlottesville foods regularly. However, I hadn’t been back to the sorority house since we graduated! It was so surreal to see my former room—it really felt like I had the opportunity to revisit a former life, and was especially fun to do it with two of my former housemates.

On Sunday morning, the Alumni Association organized a brunch that Politics professor Larry Sabato spoke at, and then we stopped by the bookstore before heading home.

I am so glad me and my friends made the effort and had the time + resources to get to Charlottesville for the weekend. I definitely want to try to get to as many of my college reunions as possible in the future because it was so great to connect with classmates I haven’t seen in a while and make new memories with some of my fellow Wahoos that I see often. In some ways, it felt like no time had passed at all when we walked into our favorite bars and saw familiar faces, and in other ways, college seems like it was a lifetime ago. It will be fun to see where the next five years takes us!

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Link Love, Vol. #99


Last night was such a fun one in DC—around 4pm, Laura, Ashlee, Monica, Kristyn, and I started talking about our plans for Game 5. We quickly realized we all were going to be watching it at home solo, so instead of blowing up the group text all night, we decided to meet up at Rebellion in Dupont and cheer the Caps on together. I cancelled my Orangetheory class—something I’ve never done before!—and I’m so glad I did. When your home team has the chance to play for the Stanley Cup, you go watch! We stayed for the whole game, sang “We are the Champions” with the rest of the bar, and then took a victory lap through Dupont Circle. The city was so alive, and I’m so glad I was able to watch the game downtown with some of my best friends. I know this is a memory of my 20s I’ll cherish forever—especially since, as a DC sports fan, we’re not used to winning!

This weekend I’m off to my five year reunion at UVA! I’m looking forward to being back in my college town with all of my best friends—in some ways, it seems like a lifetime has passed since graduation, in others, it seems like a couple of weeks. I took today off work so that I could get into town in time for our class meet up at King Family Vineyard this afternoon.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you back here next week at some point! x

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How Do You Deal with Flight Anxiety?

I’ve written about my flight anxiety several times here on the blog, but I thought today I would pull all my thoughts together in a singular post so that if you also deal with flight anxiety—or find yourself anxious in the friendly skies down the road—everything is in one place. If you also struggle with flight anxiety, please comment below with any tips/tricks for dealing with it because whenever I share my struggles, I always get the best comments and DMs from friends and readers, and I think it’d be so helpful to share that conversation with everyone!

I call my flight anxiety “late onset,” because it really has only gotten bad in the last two years. Before then, I never got nervous on any flight, and even found the prospect of turbulence interesting, if not outright fun. If I think back on the turning point, we hit a really bad patch of turbulence when I was flying to New Orleans in August 2016. We lost some altitude pretty quickly, and it was one of those rocky patches where even the flight attendants look a little shook up. On the flight home from that trip, I was fine, but on every subsequent flight after that it seemed like my nerves grew and grew, until eventually, my anxiety was through the roof whether we were at 40 or 40,000 feet.

I know my anxiety around flying is completely irrational. I rationally know I’m more likely to die on the car ride to the airport than I am in the air. I rationally know that planes can withstand much more turbulence than the average plane encounters while flying, and that pilots train repeatedly for all sorts of traumatic situations. I rationally know that any bumps in the air are just like waves in the ocean. Yet, I’m still on edge from take off to touch down.

Lately though, I’ve really been proactive about trying to cope with my flight anxiety instead of just accepting it as a fact of life. I fly a lot, and I fly alone a lot, so I don’t always have someone’s hand to death grip. I don’t ever want my flight anxiety to get in the way of many many adventures, so this is something I’d love to work through. Here are a few strategies that have been helpful for me lately: Read more “How Do You Deal with Flight Anxiety?”