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On My Nightstand: January 2019

Happy Monday, friends!

I am going to do On My Nightstand posts differently this year and round books up for you on a monthly basis. I think this will be an easier system for both you and me—and hopefully keep me more honest about reaching my goal of reading 62 books this year. I’ve also been sharing what I am reading in real time on my Instagram Stories and, as always, on Goodreads, in case you’re looking for more ideas on what to read!

The first book I finished reading this year was Michelle Obama’s Becoming—it’s not included below as I wrote about it in the last OMN post. Spoiler alert though—I loved it, and regardless of what side of the aisle you sit on, I think you’d find it an enjoyable read. Of all the stories Michelle told, my favorite ones included her mother, Marian. Not only does she sound like an absolute boss (I mean, denying Secret Service protection and then casually walking to CVS whenever she wanted?!), I teared up when Michelle Obama talks about Marian’s selfless love for her and Craig, and how every hour she spent on them was an hour she didn’t spend on herself. It reminded me so much of my own mom!

In January, I read so many good books—there’s not a single one on the list that I wouldn’t recommend! People often ask me how I am able to read so many books, and I think there are a few factors at play.. For one, I am pretty fast reader and know when I can skim things without losing understanding. For another, I make time to read almost everyday—it’s a huge part of my bedtime routine and a great way to step out of my world at the end of the day. And thirdly, I know what kind of genres I like to read, and I typically don’t stray too far from those. (For instance, I don’t like fantasy and typically avoid psychological thrillers.) I’m sure I could be better about pushing myself outside of my reading comfort zone, but there are so many things that are challenging about life, I choose to give myself a pass when it comes to reading and read what I love.

Please drop me a note to let you know what you’ve been reading—I always love your suggestions!

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Life Lately

Happy Wednesday, team! This week is kind of a whirlwind for me—I grabbed happy hour at Cheesetique with one of my cousins Monday night, enjoyed wine and dinner with one of my former coworkers and friends last night at Screwtop, and then I have plans Thursday and Friday night as well. I am definitely not complaining since these are all fun things, but am going to try to be better about saving at least two or three nights a week to workout so there’s a little more balance.

It’s been a few months since I did a life lately post, so I thought today would be a good day to talk about what’s up with me—I’d love to know what’s going on in your world, drop me a note in the comments below! x


Since I started my new job in December, I’ve had to change up my workout routine a little bit. I’m still committed to hitting the gym three to four times a week, but wanted to allow myself the flexibility to figure out my new schedule and be able to stay if I was invited to a late afternoon meeting without the pressure of a late fee hanging over my head. As such, I canceled my Orangetheory and spin class memberships while I figure out my new normal.

For the first few weeks of this month, I was heading straight home after work and hitting up my apartment gym. I’d do a mix of cardio and weight training, and while it was definitely still a good sweat session, it wasn’t as fun as the group exercise classes I’d grown accustomed too. So, I’ve been buying one-off classes to my favorite spin studios after work and either booking them the day-of once I’m sure I can attend class or book them for a night I know I’ll be off in time to get there. I’ve also been signing up for spin classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which is a great way to ensure I can get a couple of workouts in each week without the pressure of my weekday schedule.

For me, working out during this transition phase has really helped keep me grounded and feel a connection to my “old” life. Exercise has always been a huge part of my ability to manage stress, and whenever I don’t get my body moving a few times a week, I definitely feel off and more frazzled by even the smallest pressures. I don’t always want to go to the gym or to a class, but I have never once regretted a workout!

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A Hidden Gem in Georgetown: City Tavern Club

If you follow me on Instagram, you know back in November, I had the opportunity to check out one of the coolest spaces in DC: City Tavern Club!

Located right in the heart of Georgetown on M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, I’d walked by City Tavern Club thousands of times in my life, but never once noticed it or given its presence more than a passing thought. That all changed one chilly night in November, when Heather, Laura, StephanieSarah Lloyd, and I were invited to CTC for an opportunity to tour their beautiful historic building and meet some of their awesome members.

I loved my evening touring City Tavern Club so much that I wanted to give y’all a (long overdue) inside look at this hidden gem in Georgetown in case you find yourself considering membership or in need of an awesome event space for an engagement party, wedding, corporate event, or the like.

For those of you unfamiliar with CTC like I was before November, it’s a private social club that offers delicious food, super fun events, and a gathering space for its members that’s steeped in history. Originally constructed in 1796, the City Tavern was both an inn and a tavern, and quickly became a hub of civic life in our young democracy. Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and John Adams visited City Tavern. Over the years, it changed hands several times and eventually fell into disrepair. In 1959, it was slated to be razed to become a parking lot, but many of the great dames of Georgetown rallied together to save the building, finding it to be a stunning example of Federal-period architecture. It was restored and reopened in 1962 as City Tavern Club, and continues to be a hub of social and civic life here in DC.

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