On the Times When You Have Nothing to Say

Hello + happy Wednesday! I haven’t posted on the blog in a bit, not because I didn’t have the time, but because I didn’t really have a ton to say. My life for the last couple of weeks has been pretty low key—work, workout, maybe hit up a happy hour, repeat. And while I have some fun posts coming down the pipeline, I don’t have all the photos ready to go. So, instead of slapping some sort of random post together late last week or over the weekend, I decided just not to post at all. My goal with the blog this year has really been to write the blog I’d love to read, and I know I skip over the ‘filler’ posts on other blogs, so I’d rather just pop in when I have something meaningful to say or share.

This approach is vastly different than when I started blogging, or even how I viewed my blog just a couple years ago. But as my life gets busier and I advance on my blogging journey, I think it’s been a really manageable way for me to approach A Touch of Teal—it still allows me to have this wonderful creative project, without the daily pressure that makes it start to feel like a chore. I’m still so excited by this blog and would do it even if no one read it. But I know there are still a few of you out there—thank you so much for reading!—so I wanted to pop in and explain my blogging philosophy as it stands today. Read more “On the Times When You Have Nothing to Say”

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48 Hours in Los Angeles

When I was a teenager, probably from the ages of 14 to 17, I was obsessed with all things California. I think because it’s glorified on TV. Or, maybe I was just really drinking The OC koolaid. But for whatever reason, I imagined it to be the best place ever, even though I’d never been. Then, I found out junior year, one of the journalism conferences my yearbook advisor always took us too was in Southern California. Needless to say, I was beyond excited. We spent four days in town—and in addition to the conference, we went to an Angels game, spent a day at Disneyland, and went to Laguna Beach. I was in heaven!

Though I’ve been to San Francisco in recent years, I hadn’t made it back to LA until my trip a few weeks ago. Since high school, I’ve expanded my worldview beyond the golden state and found new places to obsess over, but when an opportunity to travel to LA came up with my day job, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. And, now that I’m back from the trip, I can see—once again!—why so many people love Southern California—the weather is unbeatable (no humidity!), the landscape is beautiful, it has great proximity to the ocean, and there seems to be something for everyone. If it wasn’t across the country from everyone I loved and so dependent on cars, I’d consider moving there!

I arrived to LA on Monday, and was on a work trip in town until Wednesday. Then, I took Thursday and Friday off on vacation to enjoy some time on the West Coast—and I am so glad I did! While I was with work, we were in downtown Los Angeles, and while I was on vacation, I spent time in Marina del Rey, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood. This post focuses mostly on the vacation portion of my trip and the neighborhoods I explored on my time off. Los Angeles is huge and I didn’t even begin to scratch the surface during my two days. But, now that I’ve confirmed my love of Southern California as an adult, I’d love to get back again soon and explore even more—The Getty Villa, Malibu, the Pacific Coast Highway, and the Kardashian salad place in Calabasas (I’m not kidding) are high on my list.

One quick housekeeping note, I didn’t write a section below on how to get to LA. Since it’s such a hub, it’s pretty easy to get a flight to LAX! I flew direct from DCA and it’s about a five hour flight. Because of the time change, I think getting out there is a lot easier than coming home, since the latter pretty much takes up a whole day. For instance, when I landed in California after a 9am flight, it was 12 noon local time. But when I landed in DC after a 12 noon flight, it was 8pm local time. Once I was in town, I just took an Uber everywhere—though, if I had been in town longer and wanted to explore more, it would have been advantageous to rent a car since LA is spread out and a lot of the things I want to do aren’t close to each other.

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Link Love #122

T-G-I-F! This post is coming in on Friday evening instead of Friday morning because I was over at my sister’s new apartment last night drinking wine and the evening got away from me! It’s been about a month since the last link love post, but I really am going to strive to get these back on an every-other-week schedule since I know they are popular.

Two fun *free* things I wanted to flag, that you might have seen if you follow me over on Instagram, since I shared both of these on my Instagram Story earlier this week!:

  • Sign up by 7/31 and try Kindle Unlimited free for three months!I signed up earlier this week for the Kindle Unlimited free trial and I will report back with how I like it. Kindle Unlimited is normally $9.99/month, and I was really excited about this deal when I signed up. However, when I went to find several books that are on my list to read, none of them are included in the Kindle Unlimited Library. So, it’s probably a better product for you if you like to browse and find something that looks good to read, versus how I typically source my reads—which is through your recommendations and reading other blogs! I’ll share more complete thoughts once I’ve had more time with the trial though, so stay tuned.
  • The Capital Burger Short Fridays are BACK!: From 3:30-5:30pm, Short Fridays at The Capital Burger is a great way to kick off the start of an early weekend with a unique cocktail, wine, or beer experience. The best part? Your first drink is COMPLIMENTARY! Yes, you read that right—it’s free! I don’t know of any other happy hour in the city that offers you your first drink en gratis, so you can bet I’ll definitely be back at another Short Friday soon. You can see the full schedule here and read my post from last year when I went to Short Fridays here.

One thing I’ve been loving this summer are long walks around my neighborhood on the weekends. I pretty much always take one on Sunday night, and try to squeeze in a few others as well. It’s such a fun way to admire the gorgeous homes, stumble upon new restaurants, and really feel like this is my corner of the world. Not to mention, it’s a great way to squeeze in some exercise and podcast listening time. I snapped the picture above on one of these walks—it doesn’t do the scene justice because the light was hitting the flowers and the building in such a beautiful way!

I am at home this weekend and so excited to have a chill weekend—well, as chill as a weekend can be when it’s 100 degrees outside ;]! I’m shooting an apartment tour for you guys (!!!) and seeing The Lion King, so it’s shaping up to be a great one. Hakuna Matata!

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