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What I (Actually) Wear to Work

Happy hump day, y’all!

Every winter I make a promise to myself that I won’t shoot outfits outside in the freezing cold, and every winter, I find myself outside shooting the outfit I want to be wearing instead of what I’m actually wearing—Uggs, my parka that’s essentially a sleeping bag, and 17 other layers. One day I’ll learn, but for today, I’m posting these slightly over-blown photos because this sunny corner in Georgetown felt nearly 10 degrees warmer than its shady counterpart. And, let’s face it, Jenn and I really needed the reprieve. While we were shooting, we tried to use our imagination and pretend it was warm spring day—it almost worked, and I know those days will be here again before we know it, but I wish they’d hurry up.

Since I picked these Loft Jacquard Marissa Skinny Pants after seeing my friend Kristyn rock them right before Thanksgiving, they’ve quickly become a go-to pant in my work wardrobe. This time of year, I definitely gravitate towards black work pants—as has been well-documented here, hah!—but I love that these are a twist on the classic black pant as they’ve got a beautiful light purple, blue, green, and gray floral pattern. Loft has two types of cuts for work pants—the Julie and the Marissa. I like the Marissa cut so much better than the Julie cut—and I’ve found most of my friends do, too. Once you know what kind of pant cut you prefer, it’s really easy to buy pants at Loft—there isn’t much of a size variance between different Marissa pants (i.e. my Marissa Skinny Ankle Pant and these fit pretty much the same, though these jacquard ones aren’t quite as slim cut).

Recently, I’ve had two people comment and tell me that they knew I’d show up wearing a chic all-black outfit. It’s no secret I love black, and tend to gravitate towards all-black outfits in the winter, but those comments got me thinking and browsing through past outfit posts. While some of my favorite outfits here on the blog are definitely of the all-black variety, many are of more colorful outfits—and I don’t really buy that many colorful clothes anymore! I think I use black at a crutch because it’s easy to pull outfits together, but I’d love to bring more color back into my wardrobe this year.

loft jacquard marissa skinny pants

For Christmas, Santa brought me this beautiful Cuyana Trapeze Satchel, and it has quickly become my go-to work bag. It’s a beautiful black pebbled leather bag that I was drawn to because of the classic shape. I’ve shown it here with it snapped up, but you can also unsnap it to change the silhouette and create more space, which I often do when I’m carrying my 15″ MacBook back and forth from work. I’m usually not a bag person, but I think this one would be worth the investment—Cuyana’s products are beautiful and built to last. I also love how it’s not branded in any obvious way, which, I think, makes it much more of a timeless wardrobe staple.

While I was in North Carolina over the holidays, I popped into Belk—sidenote, I think Belk is one of the most underrated department stores and I so wish there was one here in DC!—and spotted these beautiful Marc Fisher Claire Pumps. Before I bought them in the store, I Googled around and found them on Amazon for $50—which was $35 less than Belk was selling them for. Sold! They are the best work pump—the heel is low enough you can walk around in them all day and they take virtually no time to break in. I loved them so much that I ended up buying them in black, too. You can’t go wrong with these!

I’d love to know what you’re wearing to work lately—and what you plan to be wearing to work when the warmer weather rolls around!

Loft Jacquard Marissa Skinny Pants
Marc Fisher Claire Pumps
Cuyana Trapeze Satchel
Gibson Tie-Front Crepe Top


Photos by Jenn Rogers

loft jacquard marissa skinny pants

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  1. Those pants are great find! You know I’m a color queen so if you want any advice and adding more color… Just let me know 😉 Also I swear by the loft from my work pants to – they are seriously the best!

    Published 2.13.19