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Link Love, Vol. 93

Happy, happy Friday! Whew—I’m so glad we made it to another weekend. I try really hard not to wish my life away during the week, but these past two weeks I’ve been really uninspired at work and have had a hard time focusing. I’m hoping to reset my mindset this weekend!

This weekend should be so fun as I’m heading to New York City for a weekend with some of my best gals. I haven’t been to NY, NY since Cinco de Mayo when I was in town for Create & Cultivate. Because I was there for the conference, I didn’t get to bop around town and just enjoy the city without an agenda like I normally do, so I’m excited to get back to one of my favorite places.

I actually am flying into La Guardia instead of taking the train, which is what I normally do. I had some airline miles that were expiring at the end of March and was already trying to find a good time to visit my friends, so it worked out perfectly. I think I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but I’ve developed really bad flight anxiety over the last 18 months. This is my first flight of the year and I’m interested to see if it’s gotten better or worse since I last hit 30,000 feet back in October. Fingers crossed all goes well!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one! x

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  1. You’re so sweet for including me! Thank you SO much gal! I hope you have the best time in NYC and the weather gets better for you.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 3.9.18
  2. Have a great weekend!

    Published 3.9.18
  3. Gentry wrote:

    Have the very best time in NYC this weekend!! The weather looks like it is going to be great so enjoy every second!

    Published 3.9.18
  4. Monica wrote:

    Hope we run into each other this weekend!! Also LOL to that American Girl doll Hinge thing!

    Published 3.10.18