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What I (Actually) Wear to Work

Less than a week until Christmas! Less than a week until Christmas! Less than a week until Christmas! Where does the time go?

This weekend was when I *finally* felt like I was in a full festive spirit. My best friend’s holiday party that I mentioned on Friday was a highlight, as always. And, my family decided last minute to attend the Amy Grant holiday concert. My sisters and I definitely brought the median age down, but my family’s special thing is going to concerts together, and since we grew up listening to the Amy Grant Christmas albums, it really was so cool to hear her sing our favorite Christmas carols live.

These next five days are the last five work days of the year for me (!)—and then I don’t have to go back until January 3. I’m so lucky I work in a job that allows me the flexibility to take some R&R this time of year.

During my time off, I’m excited to celebrate my favorite holiday traditions, but most importantly, the true reason for the season. If you feel like something is missing in your life this Christmas season or need a higher power to appeal to anytime, my God is omnipresent, all-forgiving, loves unconditionally, and, luckily for me, always has an ear available. He doesn’t promise that everything will be easy, but he promises to always be there right next to me. His light is always on for you, too. Shoot me an email if you want to talk more about the Big Man upstairs: katie@atouchoteal.com.


Today, I want to talk to you about my favorite Black Friday purchase—this J Crew Factory Velvet Peplum Top. I love it so much I actually bought it in both green and black—and know they both will be staple pieces of my work and holiday outfits for the new few years! Read more “What I (Actually) Wear to Work”

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Link Love, Vol. 88

Happy, happy Friday!

Since this is the last weekend before Christmas Eve, my calendar is packed—and I assume yours is, too! Tonight, I’m hitting up spin class and then one of the gals I met at class is having a little holiday happy hour for our spin friends at her house. It’ll be nice to get to know everyone “off the bike” a little bit more.

Then, on Saturday, one of my BFFs is having her annual holiday open house, which always turns out to be one of my favorite events of the season. She has the best food (+ wine, of course!) and Christmas music playing, and I always leave in such a festive mood. On Sunday, my college besties and I are heading to the Newseum to check out the Creating Camelot exhibit. We’ve really been making an effort to take in all the culture DC has to offer this year, and I’m excited this is how we’re closing out the year—I am a big fan of the Kennedys!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope you have a fun and festive time! x Read more “Link Love, Vol. 88”

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Top 10 Moments of 2017

Happy hump day! Today I wanted to do something really fun and share my top 10 moments of 2017. If you’ve been reading A Touch of Teal for a while, you may remember I wrote a post like this last year. I love the process of reflecting and culling through memories to pull out the top things I wanted to remember about the year—so I knew I wanted to highlight my 2017 in the same way.

Fittingly enough, I decided to write this post while watching It’s A Wonderful Life. And this year has been truly wonderful—one that was filled with more highs than lows, one that brought less anxiety than in 2016, and one that introduced me to beautiful new people and places along the way. I saw two of the best people in my life get married—my bff since middle school and my favorite cousin, I traveled the US from sea to shining sea (literally), I had a fulfilling year at work, and found an exercise routine that works for me. And for the first time in two years, I didn’t have to carve out time in my week for grad school.

My blog has become my life yearbook, and I’m writing this post not only for you to read today, but for my future self to revisit in the years to come. Like last year, putting this post together was so much fun—and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! x
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