Newport, Rhode Island Travel Guide

I haven’t spent much time in New England, but after my family’s summer vacation to Newport, Rhode Island last month, I’m now on a mission to visit more often. (In the summer—we all know I hate the cold!) I seriously wish I could bottle up Newport and share it with you today because has become one of my favorite places—I definitely want to get back as soon as possible.

My family had visited Newport once prior to this trip—back in 2005 when we were on a road trip around New England. We spent a day in town and fell in love with the Cliff Walk, The Breakers, and Rosecliff, and have talked about getting back to town ever since. Last summer we went to Savannah, and when we discussed where we wanted to go this year, Newport was a pretty unanimous choice. We flew in on a Wednesday morning and came home on Saturday night, which was the perfect amount of time to explore everything we wanted to. Summer is—and always has been—the peak season in town, so if you’re planning to visit between Memorial Day and Labor Day,  definitely plan ahead if you want to have your choice of hotels and restaurant reservations!

I wanted to share a recap of our trip in case you’re planning a trip there now or in the future—don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about anything we did.

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Easy Margaritas for Summertime

I look forward to summer all year for many reasons, but one of my favorite things about the warm weather months is that there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy a margarita or two. Before I move into a much smaller apartment next month, I’ve been making an effort to entertain my friends in my current place more.

Since my friends seem to love margaritas as much as me, I’ve been serving them up at any opportunity I get. To make things easy on myself, I picked up a few Master of Mixes Big Bucket Margarita Mixers. To mix up the perfect margarita, all you have to do is add 750ml of your favorite tequila to the bucket and freeze or refrigerate depending on if you want your marg frozen or on the rocks. After adding tequila, I freeze my Big Bucket, and then set the bucket out for about an hour or two before my friends arrive so we can use the easy serving spout to enjoy the perfect slushie marg. Read more “Easy Margaritas for Summertime”

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Hamilton at the Kennedy Center

Happy Monday, friends? How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was such a fun one—I saw Hamilton at the Kennedy Center (!!!!) with my sister, Jennifer. Amazing is an understatement.

To back things up, Hamilton has been running here in DC since June as part of its US Tour and the Angelica Cast is at the Ken Cen Opera House through September 16. We’ve long been fans of the soundtrack and really wanted to see it during its DC run. In order to have the first option to buy tickets, you had to be a member of the Kennedy Center last year and this year. My sister and I (obviously!) are not members, so we looked to the ticket re-sell market. Like in other cities, when Hamilton tickets are re-sold here, there’s a huge markup by the seller, so we knew it’d be quite an investment.

Last weekend, we just decided to YOLO and buy tickets on StubHub—and I am so glad we did! It was worth every penny. We had no issues with finding or buying tickets or having the seller ship them to us on time. Just a heads up that StubHub puts fees on top of the ticket price shown online, so add the tickets to your cart to see the actual price. We ended up opting for the 1:30pm showing over the 7:30pm one to save about $100.

A note that there are still some tickets for Hamilton available on the Kennedy Center website here. We were able to get our tickets for $300 cheaper on StubHub than what the Kennedy Center was selling them for, so just price compare! The Kennedy Center does tend to drop the ticket price day-of if they still have seats. For instance, I am writing this post on Sunday afternoon, and the 7:30pm showing in two hours has Orchestra tickets now available for $299. You can also enter the lottery for $10 tickets here. I will be entering everyday from now on, hah! Read more “Hamilton at the Kennedy Center”