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What I (Actually) Wear to Work

Happy Monday! I thought we’d kick the workweek off with an all new what I (actually) wear to work. These are some of my favorite posts to put together because it seems like you all are looking for workwear inspiration as much as I am. I find this time of year particularly hard to dress for work because it’s starting to cool down during the commuting hours, but still feels like summer during the middle of the day.

As I’ve mentioned before, my office is a business casual environment Monday through Thursday, and on Friday we can dress “down,” and wear jeans / more casual tops / more casual shoes. Earlier this summer, I picked up this Lilly Pulitzer Gramercy top and have been pretty much living in it ever since. (Unfortunately, it’s sold out right now—but I’ve noticed there are many of them floating around on Poshmark and they have offered it the past few summers, so hopefully they bring it back! For size reference, I bought a medium.)

This top definitely leans to the more casual side of things I typically wear to work, but when paired with my go-to work pants and a pair of shoes that don’t scream “I’m going to a picnic!,” I’ve found it works really well in my office environment. I wouldn’t wear this top to an important meeting or presentation, but for your average Tuesday, it’s a great option—and especially served me well during those super hot days this summer. I’m not a huge fan of tucking my shirt in with work pants (lol, I know…), so the ruffle detail on the bottom of this shirt was also a huge win in my book—no need to tuck it in, but you still look put together!

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Link Love #105

TGIF! I am so excited for the weekend—and glad to be spending it in DC! Tomorrow I am having my TV mounted and some art hung in my apartment, so I am excited to get that crossed off the list because then I think I’ll officially be all set up in the new place. Then, tomorrow evening, Monica, Laura, Sarah, and I are seeing Reese Witherspoon on her Whiskey in a Teacup book tour! We’re grabbing drinks at Mi Vida at the Wharf before, which has been on my DC bucket list for a while, so I am excited to check it off the list.

Other than that, I am keeping things pretty low key since I’ve had a busy week at my day job—I actually went up and back to Boston yesterday for a presentation at HBS, which was so much fun, but also very exhausting! I plan to do a little bit of meal prep, work on the blog, and read on my couch. I picked up The Happiness Advantage on the advice of a friend, and it’s all about how if you’re happy, the success and rewards will follow—not the other way around. It’s findings are based in real empirical research and have been used at Fortune 500 companies across the globe. I started it on the plane yesterday, and am excited to pick it back up tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to drop post ideas / constructive feedback in Monday’s post! If you haven’t yet, I’d love any feedback on what you want to see moving forward on A Touch of Teal and if you have any suggestions for improvement. You can let me know anonymously here > https://atouchofteal.typeform.com/to/e0EHnR

Have a great weekend!

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A Few Random Thoughts on Blogging

My goal was to have my Old Town Alexandria travel guide up live for you guys today, but since I was out of town at a wedding in Richmond this weekend (and had an amazing time!), I ran out of time to edit the photos and pull together all the content. So I tabled that idea until next weekend, and thought about what else I might be able to write about this week.

Truthfully, there are some times of the year where content comes really easily. I’ve always found these first few weeks after summer is over to be a bit of a struggle. I usually move apartments around this time of year, and that definitely takes up a lot of my free time and mental space. Then, once the physical move is over, it’s always my priority to get settled as soon as possible. A cluttered space really clutters my mind, so I like to get back in my routine sans moving boxes as soon as possible. On top of that, it’s always a busier season at my day job, I typically travel less (meaning a dip in content in that vertical I have to substitute with other topics), and I’m usually just physically tired after a fun summer spent in the sun. What I’m left with is less headspace to come up with creative ideas and less time to execute on them in a way that’s up to my standards.

Lately, I’ve been in somewhat of a creative rut, and when my time is so limited—especially my time at the end of the day to decompress—blogging is the first thing to go. Sometimes I just want to sit on my couch and watch tv or read my book or bake cookies without feeling tied to my computer. I do really love blogging, and have no plans to quit anytime soon. I think I’m really close to turning the corner and pulling myself out of this creative rut because of a few thoughts that I had after a conversation with my friend Alyssa on our car ride to Richmond this weekend. I met Alyssa in spin class—she was the instructor, and I rode her classes every Monday/Wednesday after work. We were talking about class, specifically, how we stay motivated to continue going week after week and making our best effort while we’re on the bikes. We came to the conclusion that you have to remember why you started in the first place—and I think that concept holds true in my blogging life, too. Read more “A Few Random Thoughts on Blogging”