Dinner Club: Rappahannock Oyster Bar & Officina

As I mentioned on Saturday, I am starting a new mini series here on the blog where I quickly share any new-to-me DC restaurants worth trying. This series was inspired by my real-life dinner club with two friends I met in college—we meet on a monthly basis and take turns picking a new restaurant to try. DC has an awesome food scene and I want to make sure that’s better reflected in the Washington, DC content I produce here for the blog. So, whether you’re local or coming into town and in need of a restaurant rec, hopefully this series is helpful!

On Friday night, we met for our January dinner club meeting—we had pre-dinner drinks at Rappahannock Oyster Bar and then did restaurant week at Officina. Both places are at DC’s new(wish) Wharf development and are conveniently located right next to each other, making it the perfect one-two combo for a night out.

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I Cut Cable Five Months Ago—and Haven’t Looked Back

Today I want to talk about a very millennial experience—cutting the cord on cable!

Ever since I graduated college, I had cable TV at my apartment. For the first several years out of school, I had someone to split the cable/internet bundle with, but when I moved into my own place in 2017, I was obviously on my own. I went back and forth on whether or not I needed cable, but ultimately decided I wanted to pay for it. I keep the TV on most of the time when I’m at home for background noise, and at the time, had a lot of shows I was watching regularly. What really sold me on keeping the cable/internet bundle at the time, though, was a introductory offer that included DVR. Though the bundle was $140/month, I decided to go for it—to top off the free DVR, it was nice to have my TV set-up consistent as so many other aspects of my life were changing.

During that year I lived in Arlington solo, I realized I wasn’t watching a ton of live cable TV. I was watching DVR recordings of shows currently on-air or binge watching shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Add on the fact that I work full-time and rarely head home right after work, I definitely wasn’t getting anywhere close to making that $140 monthly payment worthwhile.

So when I decided to move to Dupont Circle last summer, I knew it was finally time to cut the cord on a cable package. For $120, I bought out my two-year cable contract with Verizon and dropped down to an internet-only plan, which is $54/month all-in, including the router fee. All that was left to do was figure out my streaming services game plan.

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Dinner Club: The Smith

Happy Saturday, friends! This week was crazy busy after work, hence the radio silence, but I have a three-day weekend thanks to MLK Day so I am excited to spend some time working on the blog. It’s my first time getting the holiday off from work, which is definitely a nice perk—especially since it’s supposed to be brutally cold here on Monday.

I wanted to pop in as I thought of a cool new mini-series called Dinner Club for the blog on my Uber ride home last night.

To back things up a bit, as many of you know, I was doing Orangetheory after work pretty consistently at my old job. One day while I was there, a girl I knew from college hopped on the treadmill next to me. I hadn’t seen her since graduation, but we chatted for a while and then walked home from class together. Our class schedules were pretty synced up, and we started heading to all the OTF happy hour and parties together. Come to find out, she lives with one of my sorority sisters! So the three of us started hanging out more, and in December, decided we’d start a dinner club that meets monthly. We had our January meeting last night and had so much fun—more on that in a bit.

Bringing the dinner club concept back to the blog—I often struggle with how to share DC content here because I usually don’t have my DSLR camera when I’m out and about and either snap a few iPhone pictures or don’t take any photos at all. I love putting together longer neighborhood guides, but those take a lot of effort and knowledge about a particular area, and sometimes, I’ve only been to a handful of places in a neighborhood. So, I thought I’d start this mini series where every time I try a new restaurant here in DC that’s worth writing about—whether or not it’s through my actual dinner club!—I’d share it with you here in a short post so that if you’re looking for somewhere new to eat in DC, you have a running list at your fingertips.

I’m by no means a food critic, but I do love trying new restaurants! So hopefully, this is helpful for those with a DC restaurant bucket list like me.


So, I thought I’d kick things off with the restaurant I went to for the inaugural dinner with my dinner club, The Smith on U Street, and I’ll pop back in later this week with details on where dinner club took us in January. We take turns picking the restaurant, which makes it a lot of fun!

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