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5 Things I’ve Learned About Myself from Living Alone

It’s been about six months since I moved into my own apartment last August, and while I’ve given you all a look at my decor, I haven’t shared my thoughts about what it’s actually like to live alone.

I was talking to my friend lately, and we both agreed that there comes a time in your mid-to-late twenties when you’re just over living with roommates. A few of my friends have really good group living situations going on, but I’d say in the past year, most of my friends have either gotten their own apartment or have moved in with their significant other. My last roommate and I were great teammates in life, and I looked forward to catching up with her everyday after work and bouncing all my problems off of her—she gives great advice. We also looked out for each other, and made sure to check up if the other person wasn’t home by the time we said we would be, that sort of thing. Around the time last spring when I came to the conclusion I could afford living on my own and really wanted to give it a go, she told me that she was going to move in with her boyfriend—so our roommateship came to a natural end with no hard feelings.

I’m single, but even if I wasn’t, I’ve always known that living alone in my twenties is something I wanted to do for myself—it’s supposedly the selfish decade of life, after all. I think I first realized the gravity of living alone when I signed my lease, since it was solely my responsibility to pay the rent every month and deal with any lease termination fees if for some reason I needed to get out of my contract early. That was a lot of pressure, but all of those fears subsided when I got the keys to my apartment. I felt free! I could organize and decorate my apartment how I pleased without running decisions by someone else. I had my own bathroom for the first time in my life. And, when I returned from out of town, the apartment was exactly how I left it. It took me very little time to adjust to the solo-living lifestyle.

So, today, I wanted to share five things I’ve learned about myself from living alone:

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Money Diary: A Week in Arlington, VA

Happy Monday, friends! If you have today off work, I am incredibly jealous!

The idea for this post came last week when I was binge-reading Refinery29 Money Diaries after my friend Diana posted this outrageous one to her Twitter: A Week in New York City on $1.5 Million Salary. I’ve long loved these Money Diaries, and have thought several times about writing and submitting one to the site. But after so many of you enjoyed reading how I spent my money in 2017, I thought it would be more fun to share a similar version here.

Because this is not anonymous like the real Refinery29 Money Diaries, I’m going to omit my salary, paycheck, and monthly expenses to protect my privacy, and instead focus this post on what I spent over the last week. For those of you that don’t know, I’m 27 and do marketing for a real estate developer in Arlington, Virginia.

A couple of notes before we dive in. First, for ease, I rounded up to the closest dollar. Second, I’m doing Dry January so I probably would have spent $20-40 more had I been drinking. And lastly, though I pay for my exercise classes in large chunks, but broke them down by class cost below so you’d get a sense of how much each one costs.  Read more “Money Diary: A Week in Arlington, VA”

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Link Love, Vol. 89

Happy, happy Friday!

Does anyone else feel like January, February, and March are their most relaxing months of the year? I don’t travel very much this time of year and the holiday madness has died down, so the result ends up being a lot of chill weekends at home. While I love to be on the go, I do appreciate this down time—and so does my bank account! I want to travel a lot this year, so I’m taking these few months to really focus on building up my cash reserves so I can enjoy myself on those trips.

One of the highlights of my week was on Tuesday when I went with a few coworkers to see The Greatest Showman after work. I work across the street from a movie theater, and in the nearly five years I’ve been working, I’ve never seen a movie at that theater or seen a movie on a week night—it was such a treat! The movie was amazing, and the soundtrack was even more amazing. I rarely buy movies when they come out on DVD anymore—lol, yes, I still own a DVD player—but I am definitely snagging The Greatest Showman as soon as it comes out.

Since I saw two movies this week—I saw I, Tonya last Sunday and loved it—my interest in MoviePass has spiked. For $10 a month, you can see unlimited movies at participating theaters. In my area, the only non-participating theater is the E Street Cinema. The one catch is you have to buy your ticket at the theater, so you can’t choose your seat until you get there, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I asked on Instagram Stories if anyone had experience with MoviePass and the response was overwhelmingly positive, so I think I am going to bite the bullet! Next up on my list are Darkest Hour and The Post—I’m hoping to squeeze at least one in this weekend!

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