TV Mounting Tips (Or, Things I Learned the Hard Way)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that it took me a few tries to get my TV correctly mounted in my apartment. I seem to have a knack for learning design rules and proportions the hard way—as evidenced by the great rug debate, the time I bought a palm plant from Wayfair and swapped it out for a faux fiddle leaf fig, and the time I bought nightstands that were far too short—and, now, mounting a TV. Since it took me a while to get the TV up, I figured I’d share a few lessons learned in case you ever find yourself wanting to mount a TV, too.

To back things up a bit, in July, I found the apartment unit I live in now come available online and popped over one day after work to tour the building. I was given a floor plan and able to see the exact unit, but did not have the exact dimensions of the space. Because I had been able to walk through the space, I knew that most of my furniture would fit (sans dining room table), but wasn’t sure what the exact layout would end up being. I was able to pick up my keys the day before I moved in, and luckily, had the foresight to bring a tape measure with me so that I could determine the layout of my new space and confirm whether or not everything would fit before making the movers haul it over. I realized pretty quickly that both my TV stand and my coffee table wouldn’t both fit.

With this new knowledge, I decided pretty quickly that I would rather take my coffee table with me. For one, I love displaying some of my favorite coffee table books on it and it serves as a great drink holder while I’m watching TV. For another, I knew I could easily mount my TV and save that space.
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Link Love #106

Happy, happy Friday friends!

I thought summer was super busy, but fall has definitely outpaced my summer in terms of commitments and things going on. Luckily, this week was a bit more balanced this week for me than the weeks prior—I made it back to Orangetheory after an accidental three week hiatus and made it to my favorite Monday spin class.

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to go to the fall 2018 Calvert Woodley staff selections tasting with Laura and a few of her friends. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Calvert Woodley is a great wine and spirits store here in DC that is known for its ability to source unique and high quality wines. The first wine we tasted was my all time favorite rosé, Bleu de Mer, so I knew it was going to be a great night. We had so much fun tasting the best Calvert Woodley had to offer, and capped our night off with a meal at Duke’s Grocery in Dupont. Duke’s has been on my DC to-do list for years, and now that it’s in my neighborhood, it was great to cross it off the list—it certainly didn’t disappoint! The night was also nice enough that we could eat outside, which was a real treat considering it is probably one of our last al fresco meals for a while.

On Wednesday, I caught up with one of my college roommates at Baba Bar in Clarendon. For you local gals, definitely check Baba Bar out if you haven’t yet—it’s the cocktail club underneath Ambar and it’s got such a cool vibe that is unlike any place in Clarendon. They also have a great happy hour with $5 wines/beers/cocktails and a range of food for $5—we had hand-cut chips with a delicious dipping sauce, prosciutto croquettes, and beef skewers.

This weekend should be a fun one since I am headed to Charlottesville to hang out with my best friend, Molly! (You can see my full Charlottesville guide here and a few more restaurant recommendations are in this post.) It’s always a treat to spend time in a place that will always be home in a way!

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An Easy Way to Protect Vintage Furniture

I’ve lived in my apartment for over a month now, and I can say it finally feels like home! I didn’t stress that much before this move, mostly because I’ve got packing down to a science at this point—but it took me a bit to get settled in my new place. I had the boxes out of my apartment within a couple of days, but didn’t get the art hung for a couple of weeks, and my TV wasn’t mounted for a week or so after that. (If you follow me on Instagram, you know the ~drama, but I’ll be sharing some lessons learned here soon!) On top of that, I had two trips planned right after I moved in, which I’m definitely not complaining about, it was just a hectic month!

Now that everything is in its rightful place and I’ve spent a few weekends at home enjoying my new abode, I really feel settled and it’s amazing how much stress has been relieved because of it! I don’t think I realized how much the change was weighing on me until I got over the hump, and I’ve definitely made note to consider the emotional toll when pondering if I should stay or move when my lease is up next September. I said I was going to stay in my Arlington apartment for more than a year, but am glad I allowed myself the freedom to change my mind and moved to DC. I want to stay in this apartment for as long as possible because I absolutely love the space (more than my last apartment, even though it is about half the size!), the neighborhood, and moving is the worst—but I know a lot can change in a year, so we will see!

One thing I did after I moved in was add up all the money I spent moving—on movers, on cleaning the old place, on transferring utilities, on all the random Target runs, and on anything new I bought for the space (when you’re renting, it’s inevitable certain things won’t work space to space—for instance, I had to buy a new trash can because my old one was too large here). All in, it was around $1,500. So, if/when they raise my rent next year, I know that if the rent increases are less than $1,500 total ($125/mo), it’s probably more cost effective to stay put.

I’m definitely planning on sharing more about this apartment soon, including the aforementioned TV mount tips, my thoughts on downsizing about 400SF, more thoughts on living alone, lessons I learned from an interior designer about hanging art, and pretty much anything else you want to see—just drop me a note at katie@atouchofteal.com and I’ll add it to the editorial calendar!

Now onto today’s topic—an easy way to protect vintage furniture!

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