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What’s On My Nightstand, Vol. 21

Summer is here, y’all! I’m off to Key West later today, and am taking my fully-stocked Kindle with me. One of the joys of going on trips for me is that I usually have so much time to read! Since I don’t bring my computer with me when I travel (unless it’s a work trip), that means all my downtime in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, and, in this case, on the beach is dedicated to reading. It’s so much fun to escape to another world while you’re actually escaping your own daily routine.

I’ve been reading some great books lately, so I wanted to make sure this post went up today in case you are still in need of a book for your vacation or staycation this long weekend. As always, you can keep up with what I’m reading in real time over on Goodreads!

I also wanted to make note that I’ve been so lucky because over the last year because Random House will send me some of their new titles from time to time. I’m under no obligation to post about them, so I really can tell you my own opinion (good or bad!) about them. This month, I’m reviewing two books that Random House sent over and I’ve starred them with asterisks so you know which ones they are. Any questions about this, let me know!
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I Booked a Solo Trip!

This past weekend I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes:

Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one.

But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.


You may recall that one of my goals for 2018 was to take a trip by myself. I was really stoked on this idea back in January, and even went so far as to talk to several of my friends who have taken solo trips to get their advice.

But, I kept making excuses for why not to book a trip—I didn’t want to “waste” my PTO days on myself, I could never find a good time, I didn’t want to miss something important at home, I didn’t know if I could actually do it.

On Tuesday night, I decided once and for all there’s no time like the present, and jumped at the chance to head back to Charleston—this time by myself—when I came across a great deal on Jetblue that I could easily pay for in airline miles. I booked it as soon as I saw it so I wouldn’t have time to talk myself out of it. And so on June 17, I’ll be embarking on a three day, two night solo journey to one of my favorite places.  Read more “I Booked a Solo Trip!”

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The Dress I’m Loving for Casual Fridays

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Funny story about these photos—Monica and I decided to meet up in Georgetown this weekend to shoot a few outfits. I drove to the neighborhood since street parking isn’t restricted on Sundays. Usually when I’m north of M Street on the weekend, the streets are quiet and it’s easy to find a spot. This weekend, I was greeted with a gaggle of moving trucks and stop-and-go traffic on every street. That’s when I realized, Monica and I had the (not-so) bright idea to meet up in Georgetown on graduation weekend. Luckily for me, I was able to find a spot on the street after circling the block a few times, but note-to-self—next Georgetown grad weekend, avoid the area at all costs.

How’s everyone’s week going to far? Mine has been a little hectic at work, and I didn’t get as much sleep as I normally do on the weekends because as I mentioned Monday, the Royal Wedding disrupted my schedule. But, I’m heading to Key West at the end of the week and am so excited for a vacation. I think I’ve mentioned it on the blog before—and definitely have over on Instagram Stories—but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really struggled with anxiety during flights. Take-off seems to be my trigger point—I am fine when we are at cruising altitude if things are smooth, and I am usually so relieved to be close to solid ground that I don’t mind landing as much. On Friday, I take two flights to get to EYW—one from DCA to Fort Lauderdale, and then one from there to Key West. If you have any tips for dealing with flight anxiety that work well for you, please let me know!

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, I think you can piece together that I’ve been loving all of LOFT’s dresses lately! When I saw this zebra tie-waist dress pop up in the new arrivals section, I added it to my cart immediately. (Added bonus for y’all—it’s 40% off today!)

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