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My Dupont Circle Apartment

I am so excited about today’s post—welcome to my Dupont Circle apartment! My coworker told me last week that she loved going home to her apartment every night because it felt like a big hug at the end of a long day, and that’s just how I feel about this place. Though I liked my Arlington apartment, which you can see here, here, and here, I love this place so much more and am just so much happier here. It’s smaller, so it feels much more cozy, and I love the location and how I’m just steps away from anything I could ever want—bars, restaurants, shops, exercise studios, the Metro. I just resigned my lease, and am excited to live here through at least October 2020! If you’re feeling meh about your current living situation and it’s easy for you to move when your lease is up—seriously take the leap! The physical process of moving sucks, but I’ve learned over the years my surroundings have such an impact on my wellbeing and finding a place where your happier is worth the few weeks of purging, deep cleaning, and shuffling boxes.

My apartment is essentially a studio, but instead of the bed being right in my living room, there’s an area for it that is separated off from the main living area. It doesn’t have its own door, but I’ve never minded it since I live alone. If you’ve been reading here since last year, you’ll notice many of the pieces in my apartment are the exact same. Over the last few years, I feel like I’ve really tried to surround myself with things I love, and when I moved, I didn’t have a desire to redecorate or use it as an excuse to buy any new investment pieces. That being said, I was really excited to shoot my place with my go-to photographer, Kimberly, since it shows how the same pieces I had in my last apartment work just as well in this one. I’ll share all the details about my apartment decor below, but since I made a cameo in a few of these pictures, I wanted to share my jeans are from LOFT, my shirt is old from Nordstrom, and my earrings are just $10 from Amazon.

As they say on MTV cribs, come on in!

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On My Nightstand: July 2019

Y’all, as I mentioned on Friday, I read Where the Crawdads Sing this month and it was amazing. I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner. I finished it on Friday morning—I tried to stay up Thursday night and finish it, but my eyelids were just too heavy. It was one of those books where you just don’t want it to end—but then, damn, that ending was so good. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, which in my opinion, is the marker of a great book. If you read anything from any of my book recommendations this year—or honestly ever—make it that one. After my full recap below, I promise I’ll shut up about it for a little while.

If you follow me over on Instagram, you know I took advantage of the Prime Day free three-month trial of Kindle Unlimited. For those of you unfamiliar, Kindle Unlimited gives you access to over one million books and audiobooks, for just $9.99/month after your free trial. While there are popular titles in the Kindle Unlimited program, I’ve found they tend to be several years old (aka books I’ve read!). I searched for several books I wanted to read, and none of them were available. As such, once my free trial is over, I’ll probably cancel and stick with borrowing books from the library and buying Kindle books every now and then when they aren’t available. That being said, I do think Kindle Unlimited would be awesome if you’re more open to browsing for books—I tend to like to plan what I read, so I just don’t think it works as well for me.

As is custom on these posts, I wanted to call out that I’m part of a program where Random House will send me some of their new titles each month. I’m under no obligation to post about any titles I receive, so I really can tell you my own opinion (good or bad!) about them. I’ve starred the books Random House sent me for free below. I’m so lucky to be sent books and that’s not lost on me!

If you’ve read anything great lately, please let me know—I love shopping the recommendations you all give me. You can also keep up with what I’m reading in real time on my Goodreads—feel free to friend me.

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Link Love #123

Y’all, consider it a small miracle that this post is up, because I am spending EVERY SINGLE SPARE MINUTE I HAVE tearing through Where the Crawdads Sing. (A live shot of me reading above, hah!) I’m kicking myself now for putting off reading it for so long since everyone loves it, but for some reason, I thought it’d be too poetic or too nature-y for my liking. My coworker passed along her hardcopy to me and I threw it in my bag to read on the Metro. Within a chapter or two, I was hooked, and I’ve spent every spare moment of the last two days reading it. I have 100 pages left, and part of me is so excited to curl up tonight and finish it, and part of me is sad it’s going to be over. (A full recap of all the books I read in July coming your way next week!)

This weekend, I am heading Durham, North Carolina (which, technically, is my hometown!) to celebrate my Grandma’s 90th birthday with my family! The past few years, I’ve really only made it to Durham once a year for Christmas, so it will be so nice to return in the summer. We’re throwing her a party on Saturday night—the theme is party like it’s 1929, only we’re not pretending it’s still prohibition—and I’m excited to celebrate and give a little toast in honor of one of the most impactful people in my life. (Spoiler alert, I still have yet to write said speech since I’ve been all in on Where the Crawdads Sing, but I always work best under pressure.)

I hope you all have the best weekend, and if you need a book to read, might I recommend Where the Crawdads Sing?! x

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