Link Love #117

Sup, team! Happy Friday!

It’s hard for me to believe that we’re already halfway through April. As y’all know, I went to the Final Four in Minneapolis earlier this month (recap coming next week!), and then earlier this week, I was in New York City for work. I love traveling and am so grateful my job takes me to some really cool places and events, but being “on the road” has really thrown off my normal routine these past few weeks. It’s supposed to be a rainy one here in DC today, so I am excited to come home from work tonight, sit on my couch, and just reset—catch up on blog emails, write some posts, let myself aimlessly get down the internet rabbit hole. I love being productive, but sometimes having no agenda and the time to just chill is the best form of restoration.

This week I’ve reading a lot about the fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame on Monday, which coincidentally—or maybe not so coincidentally—happened during Holy Week. Cris Clapp Logan (one of my favorite people to follow!) said it was a great week for a resurrection—and I couldn’t agree more. Much like the French will resurrect La Cathédrale and its famed spire, we too have the promise of Resurrection the empty tomb gives us on Easter, as so beautifully captured in my favorite hymn, I Am the Bread of Life: “I am the Resurrection, I am the Life, if you believe in Me, even though you die, you will live forever…and I will raise you up on the last day.”

Happy Easter! He is Risen! x

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4.15.19 2

What’s in My Makeup Bag

My sisters are both amazing at makeup, and lately, I’ve taken more of an interest in experimenting with different products and techniques myself. I am by no means a beauty blogger—I’ve been doing the same five-minute face daily face routine for years now—but when I have more time to get ready, like before going out on Fridays or on the weekends, I love trying out new looks or doing something a little bit out of my comfort zone.

I’ve learned a lot from my sisters, but also have spent more time recently watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, IGTV, and Instagram Live. Maybe it’s just me, but there’ something oddly relaxing about watching others do their makeup. I’ve also learned a lot along the way—like how to contour or curl my lashes with a spoon if I’m in a pinch (real life, all the VS models seem to do this!)—and discovered some great, new-to-me products. I also just signed up for the Sephora Play! box as a way to consistently try out new products. (I did Birchbox and Ipsy years ago and found some great makeup and skincare products through those services, but after a while, I wasn’t enjoying them as much, so I canceled my subscriptions. Excited to see how the Sephora Play box compares!)

Because beauty has been on my brain a lot recently, I wanted to share the products I continually find myself reaching for in my makeup bag—and would love to know what your favorites are or if you have any favorite makeup tutorials!

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4.10.19 8

5 (!) Years of Blogging

My five year blogging anniversary was a few days ago on April 7. I had grand plans to publish this post on the actual date, but then I was in Minneapolis working at the Final Four and UVA just so happened to WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP (!!!), so needless to say, I’ve been a tad sleep deprived. (More on this amazing experience coming soon!)

When I wrote a similar post this time last year about my blogging journey, I was in a very different place. I was just starting to realize that I was unhappy in my daily life—I was bored at work, I didn’t love where I lived, and I was itching for a new challenge. This year couldn’t look more different. I spent a lot of time this past weekend about how a year ago, I never could have imagined where I am today—with a new job that challenges me everyday and opens doors my old one never could and in an apartment that I love in the heart of Dupont Circle. It would have been easy to stay complacent and stagnant and not push myself, but I am really glad I found the edge of my comfort zone and ran right past it.

This past year, my relationship with blogging has ebbed and flowed, mostly out of necessity. When I was looking for a new job, that process felt like a second full-time job, so I often gave myself a pass on blogging when I needed a break. And I have no regrets with that approach—this blog has always been a fun creative outlet, but my day job is where I spend the majority of my time and how I make the majority of my money, so it needed to come first.

Now that I no longer spend my nights and weekends trolling LinkedIn, I have a lot more time again to dedicate to A Touch of Teal, and that makes me really excited. One thing I mentioned here recently was that I am really trying to write a blog I’d want to read, so instead of throwing up “filler” posts, I’m really trying to focus on quality content. That’s my main goal for the next year of my blogging journey—fewer, better posts.
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