Dinner Club: Compass Rose

What’s up, squad! Long time, no chat—I’ve been on the road much of the last week, first in Chicago for a fun girls’ weekend, and then in New York City for work. Chasing that Marriott status in cities across these great United States. I’m here for most of Memorial Day Weekend, and am glad to have some downtime at home and sleep in my own bed.

Before I left for my trips, I met up with Monica and Jenn at Compass Rose on 14th Street here in DC to celebrate Jenn’s 29th birthday. We didn’t have a reservation and went around 6:15pm on a Thursday night. We waited about 40-45 minutes for a table, but were able to grab a seat at the bar to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail. Their bar is also full-service, so you can easily order food there—but since there were three of us, we thought it’d be best to wait it out for a table since it’d be easier to talk. It was so worth the wait because we were given the best table in the house—the booth right at the front window! Not only did the golden hour light show off, the ambiance was really set with the beautiful pillows, tapestries, and dishes adorning our table.

In addition to the main dining room where we ate, they also had a patio out front that was tented off with beautiful fabrics. They also have two prix fixe experiences—first is their Bedouin tent, which is a private dining experience available for parties of six to eight people. Then, they offer their Tour of the World family-style tasting menu that’s curated by the chef. You can snag reservations for the dining room and Tour of the World here and for the Bedouin tent here.

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Link Love #119

TGIF! I’m in Chicago for a long weekend with my friend Jackie—we’ve known each other since the first day of ninth grade and became fast friends as we obsessed about grades and AP classes. My flight lands pretty early today, so I have most of the day to explore Chicago while Jackie is still at work. I signed up for a Soul Cycle class because I wanted to see what the vibe was like at Soul Cycle here in Chicago and also get a workout in before a weekend of indulging. It sounds crazy, but I really enjoy that workout so much that it’s something I look forward to after work, on weekends, and on my days off—so I am glad I could make it work on this vacation!

Next week, I’m in NYC for work most of the week, but I am excited because I will be able to squeeze in a nightcap with my friend Emma. She always takes me to the coolest spots in New York City and I so love our catch-up dates. I’ll be returning home ahead of Memorial Day Weekend—which I am kicking off by getting a crown on that tooth I had a root canal on the other week—and excited to take it easy for a few days as we enjoy the unofficial kickoff to summer.

I hope you have the best weekend! x

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5.15.19 2

A Weekend Maxi Dress + Some Thoughts on the Energy Around You

Happy hump day! Since I’m heading to Chicago for a long weekend, today is my Thursday and tomorrow is my Friday, so that makes this Wednesday extra exciting for me. I’m going to share a little bit about this Mint Julep Boutique Going Out on the Town Maxi Dress in a little bit, but first, I wanted to chat about something that’s been on my mind a lot recently.

About a month or so ago, one of my favorite Soul Cycle instructors (Kathleen if you’re local!) talked a lot about the energy you get from the people around you. In the context of spin class, the idea was that we should be putting into the room what we want to get out of it—and to remember that there’s probably someone in the room who needs the good energy more than you do.

I don’t consider myself to be that ‘woo woo’ of a person, but I do think there is a lot to be said about how your energy impacts those around you and vice versa. There’s a reason that I have more fun in sold-out spin classes than I do in half-full ones—there’s more positive energy in the room, more excitement, and more good vibes being put out into the universe. And I’ve realized through these experiences at spin class that I’m more impacted by the energy the people around me are giving off than I thought.

Last year when I was in the height of my job search, a dear friend recommended I read The Happiness Advantage. It’s an amazing read about why happiness fuels success, and not the other way around. I’ve found that principle to be true in my own life—the more positive I am, the more productive, creative, engaged, and motivated I am. But when I’m in a negative mindset, things really just come to a screeching halt.

Over the last few weeks, after reading The Happiness Advantage and thinking a lot about the energy of the people around me, I’ve started to realize that negative energy really brings me down. Obviously, everyone has to vent from time to time, and no one loves a good vent session more than me. But I’ve realized that it really impacts my own energy when those around me are constantly negative. (You know the type—they are never satisfied with anything and always find something wrong with whatever situation they’re in.)

So instead of indulging that energy, I’ve been making an effort to move along with my day or switch the conversation to something more positive (or heck, even neutral!)—and it’s done wonders for protecting my own energy. I’ve also been more aware of the energy I’m putting out there and have been trying to project positivity whenever possible. Life is too short to let other people bring you down or bring other people down with you!

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